Compare The Best Impact Drivers Side by Side

Below are the best impact drivers available, these are sold as body only, battery and charger are sold separately. On this page we will show you where you can be replica battery and charger for a lot less money that are just as good as the originals.

 Dewalt DCF887NMakita DTD154ZMilwaukee M18ONEID-0Makita DTD153ZRyobi R18IDBL-0Bosch Professional GDR
Max Torque205 Nm175 Nm203 Nm170 Nm270Nm160 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,8003,8003,7003,6003,9003,200
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,2503,6003,0003,400N/A2,800
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Max Bolt SizeM12M16M14M16N/AM14
Body Only Weight0.94kg1.2 kg1.3kg0.92Kg1.1Kg1.7kg
Dimentions (H x L)245mm x 134mm238mm x 117mmN/A238mm x 126mmN/A241 x 145mm

What is The Best Impact Driver You Can Buy in 2019?

Ranked No.1 - Dewalt DCF887N

The Dewalt is the best impact driver you can buy as it gives you a lot for a very reasonable price. When it comes to power, it has more them most people will use, in fact, you will probably find yourself in mode 1 & 2 most of the time.

It is light and compact which is grate for tight spaces, it also has three lights by the hex chuck, this gives you great visibility in awkward dark spaces.  

This DeWalt DCF887 impact driver gives you three motor speed and torque settings for greater control, as well as PrecisionDrive. PrecisionDrive gives you greater control when screwdriving into various materials, this setting will make sure you do not damage the material or fasteners.

Setting Modes:

Mode 1: PrecisionDrive (0-1000 RPM) - greater control in lighter applications such as cabinet hinge screws

Mode 2: Normal Impacting (0-2800 RPM & 169 Nm) This mode is excellent for these jobs a slightly tougher.

Mode 3: high-Speed Impacting (0.3250 RPM & 205 Nm) excellent for those jobs that require a lot of grunt.

This impact driver has plenty of grunt and will not let you down. As well as being powerful, it is also very light, this can easily be hung from your trousers thanks to its belt clip without causing a much discomfort.

DeWalt are known for making very high quality robust tools, you can expect this impact driver to last for many many years due to its excellent build quality.


Very powerful

Comfortable to use

Different modes to allow for precision


Can get a warm when using constantly for a few hours

Ranked No.2 - Makita DTD154Z

Makita is known for making excellent quality tools that last, and this Makita impact driver is no difference. It has excellent build quality which you can feel straight away when you pick this tool up.

The biggest benefit this impact driver has over the others is its size. It is much smaller in height and width than the others, making an excellent compact impact driver for those hard to reach spaces.

It produces less torque than the DeWalt, but has an impressive impacts per minute, which is on par with the DeWalt, and has a very impressive RPM which is significantly better than the other impact drivers in this review.

Although it has less torque than some of the other impact drivers, thanks to its whopping 3,600 RPM it can drive bigger bolts and screws, this can drive up to M16 bolts. If you are a tradesman that drives large bolts and screws a lot, this should be number one on your list.

If sizes is at the top of your list when it comes to selecting impact drivers, then you only really have one choice and that is the Makita DTD154Z. Not only is it small, compact and light, but has plenty of power as well.


Very small and compact

Excellent RPM

Drives larger bolts then the others


Not as much torque as the DeWalt

Ranked No.3 - Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

This is currently the most technologically advanced cordless impact driver on the market. This Milwaukee impact driver is controlled from an app on your phone via Bluetooth. From this app, you can control various settings, you can also pre-program your favourite settings, and save those. You can quickly and easily find the location of this impact driver and turn it on and off from the app.

Not only is this impact driver technologically advanced, it has a good spec as well. It produces the second-highest torque out of the four impact drivers we have reviewed.

For those of you who love new technology, will absolutely love this impact driver. However, being controlled from an app, could be its biggest downfall for others. Some people like to just pick up a tool, select a setting on the tool and use it right away, rather than spending a few minutes setting up a new phone.


Produces plenty of torque

Controlling settings from a phone app may be ideal for some


Some people may not like to spend a few minutes messing about phone app to get it working

Longer charge time than the others

Ranked No. 4 - Makita DTD153Z

Although this is the model that proceeded the 154Z that is ranked number two. It is still a very good impact driver worth considering, and because it is a previous model, you can find some very good deals on it.

Although you cannot adjust the speed with a switch like the others, it does have a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed.

The Makita DTD153Z is still very compact at only 126mm long, yet it still has plenty of power and can drive up to M16 bolts thanks to Its impressive 3,600 RPM

If you can find yourself a good deal on this model, then it is defiantly worth considering.


Small and compact

Excellent RPM


No speed/power adjustable setting on unit

Ranked No.5 - Ryobi R18IDBL-0

If you already possess the Ryobi Plus One battery and charger, this impact driver will be ideal for you. It produces more torque then the other at 270 Nm, and is more then adequate to get most jobs done.

It allows you to adjust the speeds and has a deck drive setting for those who build a lot of decking. The deck drive function is very useful, it starts off slow when driving the screw, then it speeds up once it is in, then slows down towards the end giving you precise control when building decking.

Speed 1: Ideal for small screws and delicate work

Speed 2: Ideal for mid-size screws and general work

Speed 3: This is for heavy duty work that requires the impact drivers’ full power


Produces the most torque

Ideal for those who already have Ryobi tools


Bulky unit

Batteries are expensive

Ranked No.6 - Bosch Professional GDR 18 V-LI

When it comes to power tools, Bosch by very well known company. In fact, they are so well known, that non-DIY people even know who they are. As well as being popular, there Power Tools are of a very high quality.

Having said that, when it comes to the spec of this Bosch cordless impact driver, unfortunately, the Bosch is not as good as the others considering it is priced very similar to the others. It looks like Bosch are relying on their name to sell this one, rather than giving you the best specs for its price category.

It produces less torque, impact per minute, RPM as well as having a low capacity battery. However, it does have build quality on its side, but then so do all the others.


Ideal for those who already have battery & charger


Low on power considering its price point

Gets hot very quickly

Large unit

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