Best Cordless Drill Sales For 2020

On This Page You Will Find The Best Quality Cordless Drills on Sale For Under £120

Best Combi Drills Between £110-£120

Advanced Combi Drills

Ranked No.1

Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

DeWalt DCD776


DeWalt is one of the go to brands for professional tradesmen, simply because they are built to withstand heavy duty work and provide the quality they need. For under £120, you are not going to find much better than this DeWalt cordless drill, it is the best cordless drill for that price. It will drill through missionary, steel and wood, as well as being able to drive screws, and charge quickly with its rapid charger, it does it all! If you want a powerful cordless drill that will last many years, use battery in other DeWalt cordless tools, and reasonably prices, this is the one to buy.

Whats Included

  • 1x DeWalt Combi Drill
  • 1x 2.0Ah Battery
  • 1x Rapid Charger
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case


  • Max Torque: 42Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 25,500
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 1,500
  • Battery Type: 2.0Ah 18v, Rapid charger
  • Adjustable Speed Settings: 2 Speed
  • Torque settings: 15 +2xDrill
  • Hammer Function: Yes
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 13mm 
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 30mm 
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 13mm
  • Keyless Chuck: 13mm

Ranked No.2

Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)



BLACK+DECKER is a brand well known for making quality tools for home use. This drill comes with a good spec for general home use, it will do pretty much all of what you ask of it, from drilling into masonry, wood, and driving screws with its high quality brushless motor, the only drill to have one in this price range. The only downside to this combi drill is that it comes with a slow charger that takes around 5 hours to charge. To sum up, good on specs, not bad for under £120, let down by the charger. Good for someone who doesn’t need much battery life.

Whats Included

  • 1x BLACK+DECKER Drill
  • 1x 1.5Ah Battery
  • 1x Slow Charger
  • Kit Bag


  • Max Torque: 52Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 28,00
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 1,650 
  • Battery Type: 1.5Ah 18v, Slow charger
  • Adjustable Speed Settings: 2 Speed
  • Torque settings: 11 + Drill
  • Hammer Function: Yes
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 13mm 
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 25mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 10mm
  • Keyless Chuck: 13mm

Ranked No.3

Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Bosch UniversalImpact 18


The UniversalImpact 18 is the latest combi drill from Bosch. From its specs, you can tell it is for general home use and not heavy duty use. You can use its battery with other compatible Bosch tools. This drill, will drill through masonry, steel and wood, can also be used as an electric screwdriver. Its chuck is not as big as the others at 10mm compared to 13mm, and its drilling diameter ability is smaller than the other two. It is more than good enough for the average person, comes with two batteries and a fast charger, Bosch build quality and reasonably priced under £120.

Whats Included

  • 1x Bosch Drill
  • 2x 1.5Ah Battery
  • 1x Fast Charger
  • Hard Carry Case


  • Max Torque: 30Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: N/A
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 1,350
  • Battery Type: 2 x 1.5Ah, Fast charger
  • Adjustable Speed Settings: 2 Speed 
  • Torque settings: 20 + Drill
  • Hammer Function: Yes
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 10mm 
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 30mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 10mm
  • Keyless Chuck: 10mm

The Best Cordless Drill For You?

If you have been searching around for the best cordless drill, you have more than likely come across two types of drills, combi drills and drill drives. The question is which one should you buy?

Combi Drill

This is the most popular out of the two. A combi drill can be used for general drilling, they will have a hammer mode which will allow you to drill into masonry. This mode is deal for drilling holes to hang heavy items if you have solid walls in your home. You can also drive screws.

Drill Driver

Good for general drilling and driving screws, generally cheaper than combi drills. However, drill driver will struggle to drill through masonry.

Please Note: Both of these cordless drills will not be able to drive screws like an impact driver can. If you are planning to drive screws directly into wood, like putting together decking, you are better off getting a cheap impact driver to go with one of these cordless drills.

What to Look For in a Cordless Drill?

When looking for the best cordless drill for you, you need to take the following specs into consideration.

How much torque is produces – The more torque, the better it will be for driving screws.

Hammer function and blows per minute - Hammer function is required if you are planning to drill into masonry. Hammer function simply allows the chuck to move back and forth, creating a blow into the masonry when drilling, this allows you to drill holes with more ease in masonry. Blows per minute or BPM is the amount of times the chuck moves back and forth, the number of blows per minute in concreate.

No load speed (RPM) – This is the amount of times the chuck will spin per minute. The faster it can spin, the easier it is to drill into surfaces, especially when drilling larger diameters.

Adjustable torque settings – Cordless drills will allow you to adjust the torque when using it as an screwdriver, for more delicate jobs, you can use less torque so you do not over tighten and tighten just the right amount.

Max drilling diameter - If you need to drill 30mm diameter in wood or 10mm diameter in masonry, you need to make sure the drill you are purchasing is capable of doing that.

Please note: at time of conducting these reviews, prices and specs are correct, however, this could change and we hold no accountability for any changes to the products mentioned on this page.