Best Impact Drivers UK 2022

Are you looking for the best impact driver? Regardless of whether you are looking for general home use, or heavy duty contactor use, below you will find the best UK impact driver for your needs.

Impact drivers are an excellent tool for fastening, and unfastening screws and bolts. With their extremely high torque, they can loosen, and tighten with ease. Whether you are building decking, putting together furniture or any other task that requires fastening and unfastening, an impact driver is the best tool to carry out the task. Impact driver is a specialist tool for this job, and should be in everyone’s tool box.


Best Impact Driver For Home Use

These cordless impact drivers will be suitable for most of the people that land on this page. These impact drivers will have a good quality to cost ratio making them affordable to most. These impact drivers will be ideal for home use/DIY’er


Best Cheap Impact Drivers

If you are looking for an cordless impact driver for occasional use and want to spend the bare minimum, check out these cheap impact drivers. These impact drivers will come with battery and chargers.

Best Ryobi Impact Drivers

Ryobi is a well-known brand here in the UK, they make quality products for home and semi-professional contractors. Their battery works in their other cordless tools, and Ryobi impact drivers have been proven to be built to a very high standard.

Best Makita Impact Drivers

Makita is a well-known brand amongst professional contractors, you will see many contractors with Makita branded tools. If you are after the best of the best cordless impact driver made to a very high standard, check out what Makita have to offer.

Best DeWalt Impact Drivers

DeWalt is another very popular brand in the UK that is trusted and used by professional contractors. They make high quality tools that are durable and built to withstand heavy duty usage. DeWalt impact drivers offer excellent value for money considering how well they perform. Check out their impact driver range.

Best Milwaukee Impact Drivers

Milwaukee is a well-known tools manufacture in America, however, they are now offering their tools here in the UK, although not that well known in the UK, they do make professional contractor grade tools, be sure to check out their cordless impact driver range.

Best Use For Impact Drivers

Learn more about what impact drivers are used for and the tasks they best perform.


How to Choose The Best Impact Driver For You?

Finding the best cordless impact driver for you is going to come down to your type of usage. For the average DIY’er/home user, there is a wider range of cordless impact driver power tools that will be suitable, but this makes it harder to pick one. If you are a professional contractor, there are really only two brands to choose from, which are Makita or DeWalt.


The first aspect you should consider is specs, and one of the most important specs is torque. Torque is not to be confused with how fast the HEX chuck spins (RPM), torque is how much power is in the spin, the more power (torque) the easier it will be to remove stubborn screws and bolts, and fasten screws and bolts. Most impact driver on the market will have anywhere from 100 IPM (impacts per minute which is another way variation for torque) to 220 IPM. For the average lower user 100 IPM will be enough for the most tasks, for the more heavy DIY’er you want the most IPM your budget will allow.


Most people know what RPM is, it is the ability to spin fast from other power tools. The benefit of higher RPM on an impact driver is that if you are fastening and unfastening screws, the process will be quicker, you will be able to drive screws into timber faster with higher RPM, providing your impact driver has a decent amount of torque. RPM and torque IPM) go hand in hand, and having high amounts of both will only be beneficial.

Brushless Motor

For heavy duty users a brushless motor is a must. Brushless motors work more efficiently, and are less likely to overheat, and stop working whilst half way through a job. Brushless motors have a longer life compared to brushed motors. It is very difficult to find a full set brushless impact driver under a £100, and if you are looking for a budget impact driver, brushless impact driver will be out of the equation.

Size and Weight

If you are going to be doing a lot of work in tight confined spaces, or on a ladder, you will want to take into consideration the size and weight. When doing a lot of work on a ladder, or overhead work, a heavy impact driver can be huge disadvantage, you will find your arm fatigues quicker, slowing down your work rate. The best impact driver for you will be a light and compact cordless impact driver.


Battery is extremely important, there is nothing more frustrating that having a battery that runs out quickly. Most impact driver for home use come with 18v 2.0ah batteries which should be enough for most people. However, for heavy duty users, you will need at least 4ah and above. You will also need to factor in the speed of the charger. If your charger can charge your 2.0ah battery in an hour or less, that is great, if it takes 2 hours plus, you will probably want to avoid this.

Is the Battery Interchangeable with other cordless Tools in The Range?

Although this is common practice amongst professional grade cordless tools, you can use the same batter in various tools such as jigsaw, circular saw, cordless drills and more. You are starting to find this in cheaper cordless tools as well. If you plan to add more cordless tools to your collection, it is best to keep this in mind as it is cheaper to buy the body of the tool rather than the whole set with charger and battery.

Adjustable Speed Settings

You will only find this setting on personal impact drivers such as Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee and semi professional Ryobi. The benefit of adjustable speed settings is that if you are doing delicate work such as cabinet screws, you don’t have to worry about accidently applying too much power via the variable speed trigger, and risk stripping the screws or surrounding timber. The adjustable speed settings will limit the power through the variable speed trigger that the impact driver produces.