Best Ratchet Screwdriver

Makita P-90071 13-in-1 (Best Ratchet Screwdriver)

  • Made for professional tradesmen
  • Chunky soft grip allows you to drive more torque
  • Comes with high quality Makita screwdriver bits
  • Lightweight
  • Under £20

If you are familiar with the Makita brand, you will know that they make tools for professional tradesmen, and therefore make high quality tools that are built to last.

The Makita P-90071 has a chunky soft grip handle that fits nicely in the hand. The grip allows you to drive more torque through the screwdriver, allowing you to better tighten screws, as well as better at loosening screws.

The handle allows you to store the screwdriver bits that come with it, simply screw the cap off the top and store the screwdriver bits.

The screwdriver bits are of very high quality. It comes with 13 bits on total, regular HEX size bits and extended HEX bits.

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Bosch Rachet Screwdriver

Bosch is well known for making quality home tools, and this comprehensive screwdriver set will have all the bits required for home use.

The screwdriver is well made, fells sturdy when using, could do with a comfortable soft grip.

This Bosch screwdriver comes with 46 screwdriver bits, you will find the most common screwdriver bits.

All of this comes in a nice Bosch case so all of it is in one place, no more searching around for bits.

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Wera 073240 Kraftform Rachet Screwdriver

The Wera is a very high quality rachet screwdriver. All though the ergonomic handle has been designed to fit in the hand comfortably, it does lack soft grip, which would have further enhanced the comfort whilst using.

The Wera has a telescopic screwdriver bit holder which can be extended or retracted for when working in tight confined spaces. It comes with 28 of the most common screwdriver bits, and the most common you use can be stored in the handle.

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Draper 46479 Ratchet Screwdriver

Draper are well known for making quality tools, and this screwdriver set is very good quality for under £18.

This set contains two screwdrivers one for regular screwdriving tasks and the other for more precise jobs, such as putting together PC components.

The regular screwdriver is slightly smaller than your average size screwdriver, it has a soft grip handle, this is the same for the precise screwdriver as well.

The kit contains 42 screwdriver bits in total and comes with a case that can house both screwdrivers and all 42 bits.

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Draper 38124 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

This Draper ratcheting screwdriver is excellent for awkward angles, the screwdriver head swivels from left to right, this makes it easier to get int awkward spaces.

It has a large soft grip handle where the supplied 11 piece screwdriver bits can be stored. The build quality is excellent.

For mist handheld screwdriving jobs, rachet screwdrivers are the tool to use and they make the job easier. Rachet screwdrivers have a locking mechanism built in to make screwing in your preferred direction easier, you can lock the screwdriver so it is like a traditional screwdriver.

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What to look for when buying a Ratcheting Screwdriver

What you use the screwdriver for will be important. If you are unscrewing tight screwed or need to tighten with high torque, a rachet screwdriver with a chunky large grip and long screwdriver shaft will be essential.

Shot stubby ratchet screwdrivers are great for putting together small/medium sized furniture as they can fit into tight awkward spaces.

Being able to store bits in the handle is a good feature as you will always have the bits you need to hand,

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