Bosch GDR 12V-105 Impact Driver

Available With Battery or Body Only


Bosch 12v Impact Driver

The Bosch GDR 12V-105 is an ideal tool if you are looking for an impact driver that’s compact and easy to operate even while in use in tight spaces.

Although this driver appears smaller in size compared to other similar products, it has consistent power that delivers superb performance.

Since this device is cordless and has a length of only 137 mm, the Bosch GDR 12V-105 enables you to carry out overhead screwing effortlessly.

It also allows you to accomplish tasks regardless of limitations in space. It is very convenient to use and its speed can reach 2,600 rpm while producing a torque of 105 Nm.

Inbuilt Protection to Ensure Long Lasting Performance

One of the primary reasons why most drivers have short lifespan is because of motor stalling, overheating or overloading. When any of these occur, they can cause extensive damage to the internal wiring of the device.

Bosch Professional GDR 12V-105

With Bosch GDR 12V-105, you don’t have to worry about device malfunction because it has inbuilt protection. What this feature does is automatically shut off the driver when it detects a problem within its system, preventing further damage.

This capability is made possible due to the electronic motor protection that inhibits overload and possible burnout. Because of the tool’s inbuilt protection you can be certain that it will efficiently function for a long time.

Enhanced Power Regardless of its Small Appearance

If you see the actual size of this impact driver, you will probably underestimate its capabilities. This is a common misconception made by some people  who are not familiar with the product specifications. This impact driver only weighs 1 kilogram and measures 137 mm in length but it is able to generate a torque of 105 Nm.

The amount of torque produced by Bosch GDR 12V-105 lets the device perform about 80 percent of work that standard cordless drivers are capable of doing. This tool can penetrate wood, drywall and even metal.

Bosch GDR 12V-105

Max Torque105 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,100
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,600
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity2.0 Ah

What Others Say About Bosch

According to one consumer, he owns a conventional impact driver but says that it was too heavy to carry around especially when doing minor tasks, so he bought this particular driver to solve the problem. He was pleased with the device’s weight and size because it does not feel too bulky when he works in closed spaces.

Although the tool is powerful, the user was surprised to find out that he can also use it when doing intricate projects by lightly applying pressure on the trigger.

Another buyer gave the Bosch GDR 12V-105 product a five star rating because a wide range of screws can be used with it, ranging from small to large sizes. To ensure quality work, the consumer recommends the use of  superior screws to prevent accidental breakage.

Things to Improve

A few buyers found this impact driver pricier compared with regular choices since they had to separately purchase the charger and the battery. However, after testing the device, a majority of them were satisfied and said that they got their money’s worth due to the product’s power and durability.

To Sum Up

Prior to purchasing an impact driver you should first determine the frequency of usage as well as the materials you will be working on.

The Bosch 12V impacr driver can only perform about 80 percent of what standard drivers can do and must therefore be taken into consideration before purchasing.  If used accordingly, this impact driver will serve its purpose and even last for a long time.