Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver

Available With Battery or Body Only


Bosch PDR 18v LI Features

  • The Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver – Should be taken into serious consideration for light, medium to semi-heavy use. It is a great buy, and with its additional batteries, longer life is to be expected. Though there are minor issues, these are definitely very minor.
  • High Torque and Impact Force – Driving screws can be hard for beginners handling DIY projects. The Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver works best for those who are looking for great power. Its high impact force and high torque offers optimum performance, especially for screws that are to be drilled into wood and metal.
  • High-Performance Motor – This driver comes with a high-performance motor, which runs on reduced current. This enables it to function with a predominantly long run-time and amplified proficiency, due mainly to its powerful battery with 1.5 Ah capacity and a 1-hour quick charger.
  • Great For General Use – If you are looking for an impact driver great for general use, then the Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver is an excellent option. With its high torque and easy-to-use shape, it offers value and performance and is a must have in every toolbox.
Bosch PDR 18
  • Easy To Use and Convenient – Some DIY enthusiasts and professionals go for tools that are not complicated. These are tools that are handy and easy to use for either professionals or beginners. The Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver ensures little difficulty in its use with its compact and ergonomic shape. It has a soft grip, assuring a more comfortable hold, and features such as a 3-stage adjustable LED light will make drilling even easier if it is to be used in the dark.

Bosch Professional GDR 18 V-LI Specs

Max Torque130 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,200
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,600
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity2 x 1.5 Ah
Charge Time60 min


What Others Say About Bosch

With the increasing number of people taking notice of the Bosch PDR 18 LI Cordless Impact Driver, most of them have given great feedback on the product’s performance. One review had stated that:

“It was definitely a great buy, noting that it was super easy to use, and that it is very powerful. Its additional batteries also make the product useful for the whole day”

Many also congratulated Bosch for being able to produce another exemplary product which DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike can add to their toolbox.

But then again, other reviewers also mentioned one minor product problem – the product stops working every now and then and works back again. Nevertheless, this has been the only issue seen by a rather small amount of users. For the majority of users, the product has been noted to perform extremely well and is surely worthy of its price.

Room for Improvement?

As some users say, the product sometimes stops working and then suddenly starts up again. This is typically a minor product issue, considering that the product is working really well for the majority of users, especially as far as power and convenience are concerned. This can be easily corrected by the manufacturing company, as something that only needs further improvement.

To Sum Up

People often use impact drivers instead of the usual Bosch PSB 1800 cordless drill because of the driving power and torque the former can offer. Impact drivers are now increasingly popular, and preferred by people who are serious about DIY projects.