DeWalt Batteries 18v - Original & Aftermarket

As battery technology improves, cordless tool have become more and more popular. Not only have the original DeWalt batteries improved, but you can now buy after market batteries to power you cordless tools.

Original DeWalt 18v Battery 2Ah

Original 18v Dewalt 4Ah Battery

Original 18v Dewalt 5Ah Battery

FLAGPOWER Aftermarket Battery 5Ah

LiBatter Aftermarket Battery 5Ah

What’s the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) batteries and aftermarket batteries?


With such a big difference in price, aftermarket batteries are quite an attractive option, but should you buy them over OEM? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


OEM Pros

  • Better quality control
  • The Ah stated is what you get
  • Perfect fit on tool
  • Proven to work well with OEM power tool


OEM Cons

  • Can be very expensive


Aftermarket Batteries Pros

  • A Lot cheaper than OEM
  • Some can have similar features to OEM, such as battery power level indicator


Aftermarket Batteries Cons

  • Ah advertised is not what is always supplies, if you buy 5Ah, you may get 4Ah in a 5 Ah shell
  • Quality control won’t be as good on aftermarket compared to OEM
  • Battery cells may not be as good as the originals


Aftermarket batteries have a place in your tool box and if you are someone who requires more than one battery, having a few aftermarket ones maybe beneficial. However, if you a an DIY enthusiast where one battery is enough, it is probably best to invest in OEM batteries.