DeWalt Impact Wrench

Best DeWalt Impact Wrench For 2020

Below is a Review of The Current DeWalt Impact Wrenches Available in 2020

 DeWalt DCF899DeWalt DCF899DeWalt DCF880DeWalt DCF897
Max Fastening Torque447Nm950Nm103Nm950Nm
Nut Busting Torque745Nm1,625NmN/A1,625Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,1002,4002,7002,400
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,0001,9002,3001,900
Brushless MotorYesYesNoYes
Battery Type18v Li-ion18v Li-ion18v Li-ion18v Li-ion
Adjustable Speed Settings3 Speed3 SpeedNo3 Speed
Max. Bolt DiameterM20M20M16N/A

DeWalt DCF894 Impact Wrench



  • Max Fastening Torque: 447Nm
  • Breakaway Torque: 745Nm
  • No Load Speed: 2,000
  • Impacts per Minute: 3,100
  • Brushless Motor: Yes
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Built in Light: Yes
  • Max. Bolt Diameter: M20
  • Weight: 1.5Kg
  • Length: 178mm
  • Bit Holder: ½ inch Square Drive
  • Brushless Motor: Yes


The DCF894 is DeWalts allrounder impact wrench. It has a good combination of size and power, at 178mm in length, this makes it quite compact for an impact wrench, and with 447Nm fastening torque and 745Nm breakaway torque it will have no problems fastening and unfastening bolts and nuts.

This DeWalt impact wrench comes with 3 adjustable speed settings:

  • Low Mode: Low Speed Impacting: 900 RPM
  • High Mode: High Speed Impacting: 2,000 RPM
  • Precision Wrench Mode: This mode gives you more control. When fastening, it will run at 2,000 RPM until impacting function is required, once impacting kicks in, it pauses for 0.5s than impacts at full power of 3,100 IPM. In reverse, when loosening, it will start off at 3,100 IPM until fastener has loosened, impacting will stop and RPM will be reduced to prevent run off.

This DeWalt impact wrench is perfect for those who work in compact tight spaces and need a compact, lightweight and comfortable to handle impact wrench.

DeWalt DCF899 Impact Wrench



  • No Load Speed: 1,900
  • Impacts per Minute: 2,400
  • Brushless Motor: Yes
  • Fan Cooled High Performance Motor
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Max. Bolt Diameter: M20
  • Weight: 2.62Kg
  • Length: 224mm
  • Bit Holder: ½ inch Square Drive


The DCF889 packs a serious punch, with 950Nm fastening torque, and 1,625 breakaway torque, this cordless DeWalt impact wrench to handle pretty much anything you through at it. For the power it has, it comes in at a good size at only 224mm in length.

This impact wrench comes with a brushless motor to ensure the tool can handle heavy duty jobs, as well as providing long tool life.

In terms of handling comfort, it has DeWalt’s usual ergonomic grip handle which has been proven very comfortable from a verity of their other tools, and helps provides maximum control of the tool.

This impact wrench has 3 adjustable speeds:

  • Mode 1: 400 RPM & 135Nm
  • Mode 2: 1,200 RPM & 400Nm
  • Mode 3: 1,900 RPM & 950Nm

This impact wrench can be used for more delicate jobs with its’s adjustable modes. You will not have to worry about over fastening.

This DeWalt impact wrench will help you loosen those stubborn bolts and nuts with ease, even those heavily rusted ones.  

DeWalt DCF880 Impact Wrench



  • Max Torque: 203Nm
  • Breakaway Torque: N/A
  • No Load Speed: 2,300
  • Impacts per Minute: 2,700
  • Brushless Motor: No
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Max. Bolt Diameter: M16
  • Weight: 1.01kg
  • Length: 147mm
  • Bit Holder: ½ inch


In terms of impact wrenches, the DCF880 is a very compact impact wrench at only 147mm in length, making it excellent for getting into tight award work spaces. As well as being compact, it is also light weight which makes maneuvering with this impact wrench easy.    

The impact wrench is not recommended for heavy duty use such as scaffolding, but is more than perfectly suitable for a home mechanic or various other uses that don’t require much torque, it is suitable for bolts up to M16.

DeWalt DCF897 Impact Wrench



  • Max Torque: 950Nm
  • Breakaway Torque: 1,625Nm
  • No Load Speed: 1,900
  • Impacts per Minute: 2,400
  • Brushless Motor: Yes
  • Fan Cooled High Performance Motor
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • Max. Bolt Diameter: N/A
  • Weight: 2.6Kg
  • Length: 224mm
  • Bit Holder: ½ inch


The DCF897 is one of DeWalt’s high performance impact wrench. It has plenty of power, 950Nm of fastening torque and 1,625Nm breakaway torque. This impact wrench will remove stubborn bolts and nuts with ease.

It comes with 3 adjustable pre-set speed settings:

  • Mode 1: 400 RPM & 130Nm
  • Mode 2: 1,200 RPM & 400Nm
  • Mode 3: 1,900 RPM & 950Nm

This is an excellent feature to prevent over fastening of nuts and bolts when using this impact wrench for less torque delicate jobs.

The DCF897 has DeWalt’s ergonomic grip handle to ensure it feels conferrable in the hand when using it. This DeWalt impact wrench is ideal for those who many do heavy duty work, but need to adjust settings for delicate jobs from time to time.

Which One is The Best DeWalt Impact Wrench?

If you want power, the best DeWalt impact wrench is the DCF899, as it has incredible fastening torque at 950Nm and 1,625Nm unfastening torque. This impact wrench will tackle those heavy duty jobs with ease.

However, if you a looking for a middle ground impact wrench that has a good combination of power and size, you should consider the DCF894 as it is quite compact and still has plenty of power for a compact impact wrench.

DeWalt Drills

Best DeWalt Drills For 2020

Below You Will Find The Latest DeWalt Cordless Drills With and Without Batteries

 DeWalt DCD996DeWalt DCD796
Max Torque95Nm70Nm
Blows Per Minute38,25034,000
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,2502,000
Battery Type18V Lithium-Ion18V Lithium-Ion
Adjustable Speed SettingsYesYes
Torque settings11+Drill15+Drill
Drilling diameter in steel15mm13mm
Drilling diameter in wood55mm40mm
Drilling diameter in masonry13mm13mm

DeWalt DCD996 Cordless Combi Drill

dewalt dcd996 Drill


  • Max Torque: 95 Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 0-38,250
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 0-2,250
  • Torque settings: 11+Drill
  • Drill chuck: 1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 15mm
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 55mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 13mm
  • Body length: 213mm

To date, the DCD996 is DeWalts most powerful cordless drill thanks to its high-performance brushless motor. This DeWalt drill has a hammer function that allows you to drill through masonry with ease. It is more than capable of drilling through steel and drilling large holes in wood. The DeWalt Drill has and extremely durable all metal gearbox that gives you longer run times and much longer tool life.

This drill is not only for heavy duty jobs, it can be used as a precision drill as well. Thanks to its 11-position adjustable torque control, you can perfectly set the drill up for delicate jobs that require precision drilling. This lightweight compact drill is an excellent allrounder.

Dewalt DCD796 Compact Combi Drill

dewalt dcd796 Drill


  • Max Torque: 70 Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 0-34,000
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 2,000
  • Torque settings: 15+Drill
  • Drill chuck: 1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 13mm
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 40mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 13mm
  • Body length 190mm

This ultra-compact and light weight DeWalt DCD796 drill is extremely comfortable to use and will allow you to drill through masonry, wood and steel. It has a dedicated hammer function for masonry as well as 15 torque settings to allow for more precision drilling.

This is a very durable drill, it comes with a high quality brushless motor and all metal 2 speed gearbox. At only 190mm long, this compact drill can easily be used in tight confined spaces, it’s compact size makes this an excellent choice for anyone who requires a powerful drill in tight spaces.

What is The Best DeWalt Drill?

For cordless drills, the best DeWalt drill is the DCD996. It is the most powerful cordless drill DeWalt make. However, if compact size is your main criteria, the DCD796 is the best compact drill you can buy. 

Is DeWalt a Good Drill?

DeWalt are very good drills. DeWalt Drills are very popular amongst professional tradesman and DIY enthusiasts due to their quality, power and reliability. DeWalt batteries can be interchanged between the XR range of tools.   

What is The Difference Between DeWalt Drills?

The main difference between DeWalt Drills is their intended purpose. You can get combi drills that will drill through masonry, wood and steel, these are drills designed for all purpose they of jobs and the most popular type of Drills from DeWalt. 

DeWalt Make Drills that specialise more for masonry, although they can be used for general drilling, they are mainly designed to drill larger diameter holes in masonry.

DeWalt also make percussion drills, these drills are for more heavy-duty jobs, these drills are required to be plugged into mains socket.     


Dewalt DCF888

DeWalt DCF888 & DCF888N XR Impact Driver

Available With Battery & Charger (DCF888) or Body Only (DCF888N)



DeWalt DCF888 Rating Out of 5
  • Max Torque
  • Impacts Per Minute
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM)
  • Durability
  • Product Features
  • Value For Money


  • Brushless motor delivers more run-time as compared to Nickel Cadmium brushed motors
  • Single-handed loading hex chuck with grip sleeve for easy bit installation
  • Lightweight and compact design that fits into tight areas
  • Tool Connect app lets you customise the impact driver including all the features
  • Use Inventory Management software to enhance accountability by quickly assigning tools to users and job sites
  • Stay updated on diagnostics like temperature, battery life, how long the tool is running
  • Last seen feature helps save money and time by providing the address of the driver
  • ‘Disable when out of range’ alerts can be set to help identify theft or unauthorised use

Without Battery (DCF888N)

With Battery (DCF888)

Max Torque205 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,800
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,250
Brushless MotorYes
Battery Type18V Lithium-Ion
Battery QuantityUp to 5.0 Ah
Adjustable Speed Settings4 Speed
Variable Speed TriggerYes
Max Bolt DiameterM12
Weight (Body Only)0.9kg
Body Length134mm

More Info About Dewalt DCF888

The Dewalt DCF888 cordless impact driver is based on the latest brushless impact driver. It comes with integrated Bluetooth technology to pair with the Tool Connect mobile app as well as Inventory Manager portal to let you customize, track and manage the tool. You don’t need a battery to be able to use tracking feature.

Customizable with Tool Connect

The power tool offers customizable feature from Tool Connect to let you control the precision drive control, speed and torque, LED brightness and more. This makes it handy for tasks that demand accuracy. The app also allows seeing whether the tool is within proximity and provides a last-seen location. It also lets the user enable or disable the tool automatically or even disable when not in range. This means it takes less time to find it if lost and also makes the workers accountable for time and for the power tool.

Fast Bit Changes

The Dewalt 888N impact driver features a new chuck design that comes with a ‘drop and load’ bit holder that allows fast and efficient bit changes.

Brushless Motor and Precision Drive

Though compact in design, the tool delivers power that gets your jobs done in an efficient way. The 4-speed motor offers varying levels of speed to suit different needs and cater to a wide range of applications. Precision drive mode delivers control to a worker during driving, thereby preventing any damage to the fastener. With a maximum torque of 205Nm, it suits heavy-duty applications.

To Sum Up

Dewalt DCF888 second generation impact driver offers more speed, torque, efficiency and work life as compared to the first generation. It has a compact and lightweight design that allows using it for longer time without any fatigue. The impact driver features an ergonomic handle that adds to the durability and convenience. It also comes with 3 LED light rings that lit up the working area. The tool has received a number of positive reviews from real users.

The impact driver is priced reasonably and is a great value. It is one of the best power tools from Dewalt and an excellent option for those who want to work in tight areas. It competes well with other popular brands and guarantees the best performance.

Dewalt DCD796

Dewalt DCD796 & DCD796N 18V XR 3-Speed Brushless Hammer Combi Drill

Available With Battery or Body Only

dewalt dcd796 Drill


Dewalt DCD796 Drill Features

  • Ergonomic design featuring rubber grip for improved user comfort and ease
  • 15 adjustable settings to facilitate consistent driving into different materials
  • Enhanced air flow into the motor keeps it cool and delivers optimum power
  • Special trigger design gives maximum control over operations
  • Brushless motor technology delivers outstanding efficiency
  • Includes hammer and drill driver features to suit a variety of applications
  • Lightweight and compact construction allows using the tool in tight spaces
  • Dual-speed transmission provides longer runtime and durability
  • Features bright LED light with three positions
  • Lithium-ion battery pack for easy insertion and removal

Without Battery (DCD796N)

With Battery (DCD796)

Dewalt DCD996 Specs 
Max Torque95 Nm
Blows Per Minute0-38250
Max No Load Speed (RPM)0-2250
Torque settings11+Drill
Drill chuck1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
Drilling diameter in steel15mm
Drilling diameter in wood55mm
Drilling diameter in masonry13mm
Battery Type18v Li-ion
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah

More Info About DCD796 18V Combi Drill

Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools that deliver unparalleled performance with durable construction. You can rely on this brand to handle the toughest applications. The Dewalt XR Li-Ion line of tools is a fast growing range that offers outstanding runtime, enhanced efficiency, higher flexibility and unbeatable performance.

Brushless Technology

The DCD796N combi drill features brushless motor technology to perform better than traditional drills. The 2-speed all-metal transmission provides longer tool life and enhanced runtime. It also offers hammer and drill driver features to suit a variety of applications. You can use the 15 position adjustable torque to get consistent driving into different materials. Smart trigger design facilitates maximum control over the operation.

Convenient Construction

The drill is designed to be highly compact and lightweight making it easy to handle and use. It can be used conveniently in confined spaces and carried easily from one place to another. It also has a robust construction and is capable of handling whatever you throw. Moreover, it sits easily in the tool belt and keeps you free and fatigue-free. The build quality is excellent and it lasts longer on a single charge thanks to DeWalts 18v XR Lithium-Ion Batteries. It has an ergonomic design with a rubber grip to improve user comfort.

XR Tool Connect System

The drill benefits from the patent XR Tool Connect System to offer more features. Dewalt has introduced a free Android and iOS smartphone application. One can download the app to be able to control and manage the battery of the drill right from the phone. It also alerts you when the battery runs down and allows locating the battery in case it gets lost.

LED Light System

This combi drill also features a 3-mode light system that illuminates your work area to allow working in dark spaces. The third setting lights up an entire wall to add a lot of visibility to handle the most difficult jobs. This feature is specifically important when working in hard-to-see conditions. It also comes with a magnetic bit holder that holds anything you put onto it.

To Sum Up

The Dewalt combi drill is designed to be ideal for commercial as well as domestic use and performs well in both the conditions. Most user reviews suggest that it is well-designed and balanced to be reliable. It comes with some of the most unique features never before seen in a compact drill. Though it is compact and lightweight, it has the functionality usually found in heavy-duty tools. XR Tool Connect System makes a thoughtful addition to the efficiency and usability of heavy-duty applications. The combi drill works perfectly with most materials and even used for masonry and heavy-duty jobs. It drills excellently through hardwood and even metals and suits everyday DIY tasks. Being easy to handle, it is suitable for women because it is fuss-free and compact. The all-metal chuck and body make it strong as well as efficient and easy to handle. It combines power with effective design to serve DIYers and professionals with a powerful tool for drilling.

dewalt dcd996 Drill

DeWalt DCD996

DeWalt DCD996 & DCD996N Hammer Combi Drill

Available With Battery or Body Only

dewalt dcd996 Drill


DeWalt DCD996 Drill Features

  • High-performance brushless motor delivers excellent power
  • 3-speed metal transmission provides enhanced runtime and durability
  • The tool offers 11-speed chuck, hammer and drill modes to suit a variety of applications
  • It can operate in forward and reverse rotation and with variable speeds
  • Equipped with a brake 
  • 3-mode worklight illuminates the work area
  • Automatic high-speed hammer function for increased masonry drilling speed
  • Keyless chuck allows easy bit changing

Without Battery (DCD996N)

With Battery (DCD996)

Dewalt DCD996 Specs 
Max Torque95 Nm
Blows Per Minute0-38250
Max No Load Speed (RPM)0-2250
Torque settings11+Drill
Drill chuck1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
Drilling diameter in steel15mm
Drilling diameter in wood55mm
Drilling diameter in masonry13mm
Battery Type18v Li-ion
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah

More Info About DeWalt DCD996 Combi Drill

One of the most reliable power tool manufacturers, Dewalt produces high-quality products in exciting ranges. They have something suiting every individual’s requirements. Regardless of your profession and experience, you will never get disappointed with Dewalt when it comes to selecting a power tool. The DeWalt DCD996N featuring brushless technology was introduced as a way to step up the game of power tools. The lightweight, compact, powerful drill is an upgraded version with amazingly new elements and features that any user can benefit from.

Brushless Motor

This technology has recently become popular in power tools, particularly Dewalt drills. Brushless motor adjusts the drill speed according to the resistance and pressure during drilling or driving. This Dewalt model incorporates this technology and it works perfectly. Users love this feature as it is easy to use and gets the job done quickly. With no carbon brushes, the motor runs cooler and more efficiently, giving longer life. And as there is no physical contact involved, the power efficiency is higher. Moreover, with 3 speed settings and 11 clutch settings, it offers versatility to perform a variety of tasks.

Lightweight Design

Nothing is better than holding a compact, lightweight drill that does a great job without causing any fatigue. The DeWalt DCD996 has an extremely lightweight design with the battery pack on that allows using it for longer periods of time without any aches. If you happen to use power tools on a regular basis, choosing a lightweight option is a must.


This tool features an LED worklight that illuminates the working space. It is easy to activate with a trigger. The foot of the tool has a switch that allows changing the light’s intensity. You can choose from three settings – low, medium and high. There is also a 20 minutes afterglow function.

3-Speed Settings

The combi drill can handle a variety of job applications due to three speed settings. It also comes with a speed reverse feature that makes it possible to operate in forward as well as reverse rotations and at various speeds. To ensure safety, the forward/reverse button works as an auto-lock function to prevent the drill from starting accidentally. The tool also comes with a brake to make sure that the chuck stops as you release the trigger switch.

To Sum Up The DeWalt DCD996

The Dewalt DCD996N is a brushless combi drill that can be used as a hammer drill too. It can be used for general drilling, screwdriving and percussion drilling. You can activate the hammer function with the help of torque adjustment switch.

This premium drill has received a lot of positive comments from buyers. With no carbon brushes, the tool gets longer life and cooler, more efficient performance. In terms of versatility, this tool does a great job with so many settings to choose from.

It is an amazing tool that anybody should consider adding to his toolbox. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it has something or the other to offer you. Anybody looking for a good hammer drill driver would definitely find this tool worth it.

DeWalt Batteries

Cheap DeWalt Batteries 18v 5Ah, 4Ah, 2Ah

As battery technology improves, cordless tools have become more and more popular. Not only have the original DeWalt batteries improved, but you can now buy aftermarket batteries to power your cordless tools. On this page you will find cheap DeWalt batteries. Below are original and aftermarket batteries that will fit the DeWalt XR range of cordless power tools.

DeWalt DCB184B Battery 5Ah 18v With Tool Connect Bluetooth (NEW)

    • Latest battery technology from DeWalt
    • This battery gives you access to Security, Inventory check and customisation via Android and Apple app on your phone 
    • Tool Connect Connectivity – view state of charge and inventory management
    • Tool Connect Security - Security for your battery. This feature will allow you to enable or disable the tool 
    • Tool Connect Inventory - Check State of Charge, App alerts when tools are out of range on your smart phone
    • Tool Connect Customisation – You can customise the battery so it disables or alerts user when out of range. Alerts users battery is at high temperature and when charging is complete
    • LED State of Charge Indicator helps manage pack charging
    • Compatible with all DeWalt XR Li-Ion 18V Tools
    • 5.0Ah
    • 18v
    • 0.67kg
    • Compatable with Androis and Apple phones
    • Costs £85-£95


Original 18v DeWalt Battery 2Ah

Original 18v Dewalt Battery 4Ah

Original 18v Dewalt Battery 5Ah

Aftermarket DeWalt Battery 5Ah

Aftermarket DeWalt Battery 5Ah

What’s the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) batteries and aftermarket batteries?


With such a big difference in price, cheap batteries that are not OEM are quite an attractive option, but should you buy them over OEM? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


OEM Pros

  • Better quality control
  • The Ah stated is what you get
  • Perfect fit on tool
  • Proven to work well with OEM power tools


OEM Cons

  • Can be very expensive


Aftermarket Batteries Pros

  • A Lot cheaper than OEM
  • Some can have similar features to OEM, such as battery power level indicator


Aftermarket Batteries Cons

  • Ah advertised is not what is always supplies, if you buy 5Ah, you may get 4Ah in a 5 Ah shell
  • Quality control won’t be as good on aftermarket compared to OEM
  • Battery cells may not be as good as the originals


Aftermarket batteries have a place in your tool box and if you are someone who requires more than one battery for your DeWalt cordless power tools such as DeWalt impact driver, Dewalt drill and their verious other cordless tools, having a few cheap aftermarket batteries maybe beneficial. However, if you a an DIY enthusiast where one battery is enough, it is probably best to invest in DeWalt OEM batteries.


Which is The Best DeWalt Battery?

DeWalt DCB184B 18v With Bluetooth

The Best DeWalt Battery is the DCB184B With Tool Connect Bluetooth 5Ah 18v Battery. It is more than just a battery to power your tools, the battery can communicate to an app on you Android of Apple app. It will tell you the state of the battery such as temperature, you can disable the batter from the app, get alerts on your phone when it is out of range, and set it to automatically switch off. This battery is 5ah and works with all DeWalt XR Li-Ion 18V Tools.

Product Brand: DeWalt

Product In-Stock: Not Available

Editor's Rating:

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin

DeWalt DCK2059D2T

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin Pack Combi Drill and Impact Driver

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin

If you are looking for high quality power tools, the DeWalt DCK2059D2T twin pack kit provides you a cost-effective way to add DeWalt quality power tools to your tool box.

This kit holds DeWalt's most affordable model, the DCD777 brushless drill driver. Included with this drill is the DCF787 brushless impact driver to complete the combo set.

Along with the power tools, you will also get 2 x 2.0 Ah 18v batteries and a TSTAK carry case. The DeWalt DCK2059D2T twin pack kit made for carpenters, wood shop workers, general DIY’s and various other uses as well.

DeWalt DCD777 Combi Drill

• Blows Per Minute: 0-9,350/34,000 bpm
• No Load Speed: 0-500/1,750 rpm
• Max Torque S/H: 26 / 65 Nm
• Torque Settings: 15 + drill
• Power Output: 340 Watt
• Max. in masonry: N/A
• Max. in steel: 13mm
• Max. in wood: 30mm
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Chuck Capacity: 15-13mm
• Net Weight: 1.15kg (Excluding Battery)

DeWalt DCF787 Impact Driver

• Max Torque: 205 Nm
• Impacts per Minute: 0-3,800 IPM
• No Load Speed: 0-3,250 RPM
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Machine Screw: M5-M12
• Bolt Size: M5-M14
• Net Weight: 1.56kg

About This DeWalt Twin Pack

Brushless Drill (DCD777) Features

The torque and drill speed the DCD777 offers will fit any high maintenance work. The brushless drill offers two drill speeds: variable speed and reverse switch.

It weighs roughly 3.3 pounds. When compared to older DeWalt models like the DCD771, the DCD777 is an inch shorter, standing at 7.5 inches in height. Its more compact size and weight make it more ergonomic and easy to hold in your hand for when you work on long projects.

Having a DCD777 DeWalt cordless drill on hand means you get a drill that will run on less charge but with more drilling power.

It doesn’t come with a battery gauge like the impact drill does. However, DeWalt has managed to increase the battery life on the DCD777 by 30% more for less charge time.

Impact Driver (DCF787) Features

The DCF787 offers a similar feel when in your hand or when in use. The impact driver offers three speeds: from precision to high-speed impact.

Like the DCD777, it’s more compact than older models. It stands at 5.4 inches and weighs two pounds. Both the DCD777 and DCF787 have a comfort grip for better ease and comfort when handling the tool.

The DCF787 has LED lights which get activated when you press the trigger. The lights stay active for 20 seconds before shutting off. The batteries can take one hour to charge, but one battery can last for a long time.

Before the first battery has even finished getting drained, the second one will be fully charged and ready. Remember to look at the base of the impact drill's light gauge if you want to know how much charge a battery has left in it.

Other Items Included

Inside the box, you’ll find a robust TSTAK case, two 2Ah lithium batteries and a charger for said batteries. The TSTAK case acts as a carrying case for either or both of the drills. The charger is fully compatible with the rest of DeWalt’s 18v range.

What do Other Customers Think?

DeWalt has customers that keep coming back to buy their models when they release. There are many customers who have expressed joy in investing on the DeWalt DCK2059D2T as well. These customers were happy about how one kit contains two powerful tools with many useful features. DeWalt continues to improve the quality of their models as they release newer ones.

Customers can see the drill is easy to use and comfortable even during long projects. Using the brushless drill and impact drill yourself won't cause strain to your hands. The battery might take one hour to charge, but you can go through a whole day on one battery alone on each drill. Remember, you can always watch over the light gauge on the impact drill if you want to know when it’s time for the battery to be recharged.

To Sum Up

This kit is perfect for anyone who wants to own drills that can endure long projects and can last a long time. Whether you are experienced with using drills or not, you will see value in the DeWalt DCK2059D2T when you put your money in this set.

There is a 12-month warranty for each kit. Keep this in mind for when you find your kit shows any signs of a factory defect, however, DeWalt has a reputation for making quality tools, so this won’t happen anytime soon.

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin

DeWalt DCK266P2T

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin Pack Combi Drill and Impact Driver

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin

The DeWalt DCK266P2T is a power tool kit that brings together the powerful combination of the DeWalt DCD796 cordless combi drill and DeWalt DCF887 impact driver.

These tools are excellent for construction jobs and do-it-yourself projects. Users of this kit can range from hobbyist homeowners to professional contractors because of the tools’ excellent build quality.

The tools in DeWalt DCK266P2T promises more power and efficiency than its predecessor kits. The kit contains a combi drill, impact driver, a charger, and two batteries for the drill and driver.

DeWalt DCD796 Drill

  • Max Torque: 95 Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 0-38250
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 0-2250
  • Brushless Motor
  • Torque settings: 11+Drill
  • Drill chuck: 1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 15mm
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 55mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 13mm
  • Weight: 1.8Kg

DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver

  • Max Torque: 205Nm
  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,800
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 3,250
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • Brushless Motor
  • 3 Bright Built in Halo LED's
  • Length: 134mm
  • Height: 225mm
  • Weight: 1.4KG

About The DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin Pack

DeWalt DCD796 Combi Drill

The DeWalt DCK266P2T twin packs first feature is the DeWalt DCD796 18V XR compact hammer drill. It is a cordless drill powered by an 18-volt 5Ah DeWalt battery. The battery pack has a state-of-charge indicator, and is easy to remove and insert. It also has a drill driver and hammer feature for many applications.

The DeWalt 18v drill uses a brushless motor technology that increases its efficiency and gives it 30% more power than its predecessor, the DCD795. The drill’s brushless motor also has improved airflow to prevent overheating and increase power. It’s also lightweight and compact, weighing around 1.8 kg and 174 mm shorter than the DCD795, making it easy to use in small and confined spaces.

Apart from its size, the drill’s rubber grip-over mold enhances your comfort with its quality ergonomic design. It has around 15 adjustable torque control positions for screw driving into different kinds of materials. It also has three positions for LED light which set to low, medium, and high LED.

DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver

This twin pack also carries the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver. Like the DeWalt DCD796, this driver also uses an 18V 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery compatible with other DeWalt tools. It also has a brushless motor that can output a speed up to 205 Nm of torque, making it 28% more powerful than the DCF886, its predecessor. This output makes the driver efficient in finishing heavy applications immediately. It is also compact and lightweight, making it fit in small spaces.

This driver has three motor speeds and torque settings to optimize application control, including a setting called “PrecisionDrive.” The “PrecisionDrive” mode provides an additional screw driving application control to prevent material and fastener damages.

The Inclusions

Apart from the power tools, the DeWalt DCK266P2T comes with two 5.0 Ah batteries for the combi drill and the impact driver. A multi-voltage charger is also included for the rechargeable batteries. The physical kit is a Tstak box, a registered trademark of the DeWalt brand that is both tough and flexible, serving as an optimized container with portable convenience.

What Users Are Saying

DeWalt is a leading brand in power tools, and it is too early to find yourself disappointed in the DeWalt DCK266P2T twin pack kit. The kit garnered many positive reviews about the tools’ outstanding quality. Every review rave about the kit’s powerful performance, its weight, compactness, and speed.

The features, in particular, make the tools of this twin pack sturdy, easy to use, and convenient. The inclusion of LED lights allows users like you to work even in dark spaces and the power settings of each tool reduce mistakes users can make. The Tstak box also contains storage compartments for the tools, as well as the drill and screwdriver bits, for optimum convenience.

The life of the 5.0 Ah XR batteries will make the tools last for a long time in use, although it can be a bit heavy for users. Luckily, the DeWalt DCK266P2T tools can also use smaller and lighter compatible batteries if you wish. You should also fully push the batteries into the charger, or else the charge indicator of the battery will contradict the charger.

One of the biggest pros of the DeWalt twin pack is the three-year warranty for the combi drill and impact driver that you can avail by registering on the DeWalt website within four weeks of purchasing the kit. However, some users claimed they weren’t granted the warranty even after registering. Some users also mentioned that the tools might be noisy when in use; you must use ear protection if this is a pressing matter.

As for the price, almost all users said the kit was definitely worth the price. It may be pricier than other kits, but the inclusions and enhanced features of the tools make it a good bargain. It is overall a powerful twin pack drills kit that allows you to accomplish a variety of projects.

Summing Up DeWalt DCK266P2T

There are many factors you should consider when choosing cordless drills and impact drivers. A tool’s accessibility, size, and weight determine its convenience. Combi drills and impact drivers that pack a lot of speed are highly preferred. The speed of the tools’ rechargeable batteries also matter.

This DeWalt twin pack has many advantages going for it, which makes it an excellent choice, and a piece of kit that won’t disappoint.

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin

DeWalt Twin Pack

DeWalt Twin Pack - Drill and Impact Driver Set

DeWalt DCK266P2T Combi Drill and Impact Driver 18v

This DeWalt twin pack kit comes with a DCD796 Compact Brushless Hammer Drill, DCF887 Impact Driver, 2 x 5.0 Ah Li-ion batteries and a charger in a TSTAK box.

DeWalt DCD796 Compact Brushless Hammer Drill Driver

• Blows Per Minute: 0-9,350/34,000 bpm
• No Load Speed: 0-550/2,000 rpm
• Max Torque S/H: 27 / 70 Nm
• Torque Settings: 15 + drill
• Power Output: 460 Watt
• Max. in masonry: 13mm
• Max. in steel: 13mm
• Max. in wood: 40mm
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Chuck Capacity: 15-13mm
• Net Weight: 1.8kg

This lightweight drill will happily drill through most things with ease. It has a battery that will last a long time combined with plenty of power to make your job easier.

DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver

• Max Torque: 170 Nm
• Impacts per Minute: 0-3,200 IPM
• No Load Speed: 0-2,800 RPM
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Bolt Size: M4-M10
• Net Weight: 1.4kg

This is currently on of the best impact driver currently available in the UK. It has an incredible amount of torque, and will drive screws and bolts, in and out all day with very little effort from you.

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Combi Drill & Impact Driver 18v

DeWalt DCD777 Combi Drill

• Blows Per Minute: 0-9,350/34,000 bpm
• No Load Speed: 0-500/1,750 rpm
• Max Torque S/H: 26 / 65 Nm
• Torque Settings: 15 + drill
• Power Output: 340 Watt
• Max. in masonry: N/A
• Max. in steel: 13mm
• Max. in wood: 30mm
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Chuck Capacity: 15-13mm
• Net Weight: 1.15kg (Excluding Battery)

This drill is perfect for the DIY enthusiast, it will perform most tasks with ease. It has the DeWalt build quality and is guaranteed to last for many years.

DeWalt DCF787 Impact Driver

• Max Torque: 205 Nm
• Impacts per Minute: 0-3,800 IPM
• No Load Speed: 0-3,250 RPM
• Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
• Machine Screw: M5-M12
• Bolt Size: M5-M14
• Net Weight: 1.56kg

This impact driver will make your life easier when it comes to screwing, and unscrewing. It has plenty of torque, good combination of impacts per minute and RPM. You will be able to find yourself talking most jobs with this impact driver.

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin
Dewalt DCF887P2

DeWalt DCF815

DeWalt DCF815 & DCF815D2 10.8V XR Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF887P2

DeWalt DCF815 Rating Out of 5
  • Max Torque
  • Impacts Per Minute
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM)
  • Durability
  • Product Features
  • Value For Money


  • Delivers 107 Nm of torque
  • Delivers 3,400 impacts per minuite and 2,450 RPM
  • Very light weight, only weights 1.04kg depending on battery
  • Parabolic switch profile offers various speed options
  • 3 LED “Halo” ring supplies ample illumination
  • Compact body makes it ideal to be used in cramped spaces with minimal fatigue
  • All metal gearing contributes to longer tool life and efficient power transmissio

Without Battery (DCF815)

DeWalt DCF815D2 Specs 
Max Torque107 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,400
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,450
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity2 x 2.0 Ah
Charge Time60 min


What’s The Difference Between the DCF815 & DCF815D2?

There is no difference in specs between the two. The only difference is that the DCF815 is the body only with no battery, and the DCF815D2 comes with 2 x 10.8v 2Ah batteries, charger and kit box.

About DeWalt

Compact yet powerful, this DeWalt XR impact driver is the tool for the job whenever you need to work in small, cramped spaces. Equipped with a parabolic switch profile, you are also allowed a certain degree of freedom to select among several speed options.

Compared with other bulkier and heavier models, the ergonomic design of the DeWalt DCF815 aims to reduce fatigue when you need to work for long periods of time. The handle’s rubber over-mold efficiently absorbs surface vibrations during operation.

This impact driver features an all-metal gearing that contributes to the durability of the unit, and to the efficiency of its power transmission.

To increase the motor life of the DeWalt, it is outfitted with an aluminium front housing that allows heat to effectively disperse. If you find yourself working under low-light conditions, the LED “Halo” ring will supply you with sufficient illumination so you can execute your task.

Short Summary of Feedback

Those who purchased the DeWalt DCF815 have been consistently raving about the power that is housed in such a compact body. A majority of users were more than satisfied with the performance of the tool, especially those who needed to finish projects involving confined and tiny spaces.

There were even a number of customers who attested that they were able to easily get the job done despite having health problems.

All in all, the DeWalt has exceeded expectations with very minimal concerns that need to be addressed.


• Compact design makes it effortless to access small spaces

• Ideal for awkward angles

• Delivers ample power for its size

• Delivers plenty of torque

• Has a good build quality

• Unit has a fast charging time of about 30 minutes

• LED lights make it easy to work in dimly-lit spaces

• Includes an excellent carrying case

• Offers good value for money

• Comfortable to use even during long periods of time, making it ideal for people with health problems

• Has an ergonomic design that offers a good grip and prevents slipping

• Good for use on a lot of small screws

• Possesses a better gearing mechanism compared with other brands

• Presents variable speed and torque options

• Superb trigger action

• Good quality chucks are easy to tighten

• Changing bits is effortless


• Forward and reverse buttons may be too small for some

• Battery life may run out quicker on larger screws

• Pricier than other brands in its category, but is well-worth it

To Sum Up

Although the DeWalt DCF815 is a balanced and versatile impact driver overall, it is nonetheless highly recommended by those keen on accomplishing DIY projects.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact design, people who are restricted by health problems will also have an easy time handling this impact driver for extended periods of time.

Those who find themselves working on the following projects will also find the DeWalt well-suited for the job:

• Installing PVC and wooden frames

• Furniture assembly that requires minor screwing applications

• Arrangement of air-conditioning and central heating ducts that employ self-drilling screws

• Electrical installations

• Drilling small diameter-holes

Whether you are looking for an all-around impact driver, or one that is best suited for use in confined and tight spaces, the DeWalt DCF815 is definitely one of the best options out there that unfailingly delivers excellent output each time.

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