Dewalt DCF887P2

DeWalt DCF815

DeWalt DCF815 & DCF815D2 10.8V XR Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF815 Features

• Delivers 107 Nm of torque

• Delivers 3,400 impacts per minuite and 2,450 RPM

• Very light weight, only weights 1.04kg depending on battery.

• Parabolic switch profile offers various speed options

• 3 LED “Halo” ring supplies ample illumination

• Keyless 6.35mm “drop in” hex driver allows for quick, one handed fitment

• Compact body makes it ideal to be used in cramped spaces with minimal fatigue

• All metal gearing contributes to longer tool life and efficient power transmission

Dewalt DCF887P2

• Aluminum front housing adds to motor life by allowing effective heat dispersion

• Ergonomic handle and rubber over-mold aims to reduce user fatigue by minimizing surface vibration

With Battery (DCF815D2)

Without Battery (DCF815)

What’s The Difference Between the DCF815 & DCF815D2?

There is no difference in specs between the two. The only difference is that the DCF815 is the body only with no battery, and the DCF815D2 comes with 2 x 10.8v 2.0 Ah batteries, charger and kit box.


DeWalt DCF815D2 Specs 
Max Torque107 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,400
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,450
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity2 x 2.0 Ah
Charge Time60 min

About DeWalt

Compact yet powerful, the DeWalt 10.8V XR impact driver is the tool for the job whenever you need to work in small, cramped spaces. Equipped with a parabolic switch profile, you are also allowed a certain degree of freedom to select among several speed options.

Compared with other bulkier and heavier models, the ergonomic design of the DeWalt DCF815 aims to reduce fatigue when you need to work for long periods of time. The handle’s rubber over-mold efficiently absorbs surface vibrations during operation.

This impact driver features an all-metal gearing that contributes to the durability of the unit, and to the efficiency of its power transmission.

To increase the motor life of the DeWalt, it is outfitted with an aluminium front housing that allows heat to effectively disperse. If you find yourself working under low-light conditions, the LED “Halo” ring will supply you with sufficient illumination so you can execute your task.

Short Summary of Feedback

Those who purchased the DeWalt DCF815 have been consistently raving about the power that is housed in such a compact body. A majority of users were more than satisfied with the performance of the tool, especially those who needed to finish projects involving confined and tiny spaces.

There were even a number of customers who attested that they were able to easily get the job done despite having health problems.

All in all, the DeWalt has exceeded expectations with very minimal concerns that need to be addressed.


• Compact design makes it effortless to access small spaces

• Ideal for awkward angles

• Delivers ample power for its size

• Delivers plenty of torque

• Has a good build quality

• Unit has a fast charging time of about 30 minutes

• LED lights make it easy to work in dimly-lit spaces

• Includes an excellent carrying case

• Offers good value for money

• Comfortable to use even during long periods of time, making it ideal for people with health problems

• Has an ergonomic design that offers a good grip and prevents slipping

• Good for use on a lot of small screws

• Possesses a better gearing mechanism compared with other brands

• Presents variable speed and torque options

• Superb trigger action

• Good quality chucks are easy to tighten

• Changing bits is effortless


• Forward and reverse buttons may be too small for some

• Battery life may run out quicker on larger screws

• Pricier than other brands in its category, but is well-worth it

To Sum Up

Although the DeWalt DCF815 is a balanced and versatile impact driver overall, it is nonetheless highly recommended by those keen on accomplishing DIY projects.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact design, people who are restricted by health problems will also have an easy time handling this impact driver for extended periods of time.

Those who find themselves working on the following projects will also find the DeWalt well-suited for the job:

• Installing PVC and wooden frames

• Furniture assembly that requires minor screwing applications

• Arrangement of air-conditioning and central heating ducts that employ self-drilling screws

• Electrical installations

• Drilling small diameter-holes

Whether you are looking for an all-around impact driver, or one that is best suited for use in confined and tight spaces, the DeWalt DCF815 is definitely one of the best options out there that unfailingly delivers excellent output each time.

Dewalt DCF815D2

DeWalt DCF887

DeWalt DCF887 & DCF887N XR Impact Driver

Available With Battery & Charger (DCF887) or Body Only (DCF887N)


DeWalt DCF887 & DCF887N Features

• Maximum torque of 205 Nm to work on heavy applications efficiently

• It has three LED light ring that provide amazing workplace lighting, especially in dark areas, and it eliminates shadows.

• Acceptable hand/arm vibration impact of 22 m/s²

• 400 Watt power output

• 0–3800 impacts per minute

• Sound pressure of 96 dB(A)

• Sound power of 107 dB(A)

• Sound pressure and sound power uncertainty both at 3 dB(A)

• Maximum bold diameter is M12

Dewalt DCF815D2

• Mode 1: PrecisionDrive (0-1000 RPM) – Give you more precise control for delicate jobs.

• Mode 2: Normal Impacting (0-2800 RPM & 169 Nm) You will probably find yourself in this setting most of the time.

• Mode 3: high-Speed Impacting (0.3250 RPM & 205 Nm) Excellent for jobs that require a lot of torque.

• It utilizes a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18 V that is proven to last long. It is also compatible with other DeWalt power tools which means you can use it with other tools as long as it has an 18V XR battery.

With Battery & Charger (DCF887)

Without Battery (DCF887N)

Differences Between DCF887 & DCF887N XR Range?

They are the same spec impact driver, the only difference is that the XR DCF887 comes with 1 x 4Ah 18v batteries. The DeWalt DCF887N is the body only, this is ideal for people who already have DeWalt XR batteries, as the XR battery can be used with this tool. However, it is always best to double check that the battery fits.


Max Torque205 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,800
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,250
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah
Charge Time30 min
Dimentions (H x L)245mm x 134mm

About DeWalt XR Impact Driver

This impact driver is a tool that any trades person or DIY'er would love to use when it comes to driving screws and bolts. It comes with a powerful motor for smooth application control. It has a brushless motor that can provide a maximum torque of 205 Nm which is superb for accomplishing heavy applications faster. Even with its strong performance, it managed to stay lightweight and compact, and it is known to be very comfortable to use.

It even provides extra comfort by adding three LED light ring that act as a workpiece lighting. The 4.0-Ah battery is proven to last longer than usual. It comes with a standard XR charger, belt hook, and bit holder in “drop and load” style for fast, one-handed fitment.

Brushless, 3-Motor Speed and Precision Drive

Although it is compact, it provides power that can get application done in the most efficient way. The three-motor speed offers different levels of speed that suits your need and can cater heavy applications.

The Precision Drive mode gives ultimate control to any worker when screw-driving preventing common damage to the material and fastener. With its maximum torque of 205 Nm, it gives more room to work on heavy-duty applications.

Compact and Lightweight Design Allowing Ease Of Use

Weighing 1.56 kg, it is not hard to see why this impact driver is easy to carry around. With its weight, your hands will not get tired even for long hours of use. They even add a 6.35-mm “drop and load” bit holder if you need to do a one-handed fitment. The length has been decreased to 134 mm which is perfect for small and tight spots.

To Sum Up

There are a lot of good reviews available online for this product. Most of the users have experienced how comfortable it is to use and how reliable the product is. People expressed that they appreciate how much power this DeWalt impact driver can offer.  The tool looked like it was handcrafted to fit your hand perfectly.

The price is reasonable and acceptable, especially when you’ve used it. You will know that it is worth the price. It can also be used for domestic and commercial applications proving that it is highly recommendable.

This impact driver is close to perfection that most users do not have any negative comment. It is known to be compact and light. However, if your hand is bigger, you might have challenges holding this impact driver. It is designed to be compacted and meant to cater small spaces.

Overall, this impact driver is a great successors to its first-generation counterpart. No one can deny that it is one of the best DeWalt power tools. Its brilliant design is the answer to those hard-to-work spaces where fitting is a challenge. It can also compete with other known brands and can guarantee utmost performance.

Dewalt DCF815D2

Dewalt Impact Drivers

Dewalt Impact Drivers (18v & 10.8v)

Below you will find Dewalt impact drivers that are currently available

Dewalt Impact Driver 18v With Battery or Without Battery

- Max Torque: 205 Nm
- Impacts Per Minute: 3,800
- Max No Load Speed: 3,250 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 5.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 30 min
- Weight: 3.07kg


This Dewalt is an absolute pleasure to hold in your hand, it is extremely comfortable and very easy to use. Not only is it comfortable, it has more then enough power, with 205Nm of torque, this tool will never let you down!

This impact driver is nice and compact, fits into small spaces with ease, it also provides enough light for those hard to see dark areas. One of the best features on this impact driver is its speed settings, there are three speed settings.

If you want an electric screwdriver with low power for delicate screwdriving, no problem. If you want to drive large screws into stubborn materials, no problem, this impact driver has you covered. You can get this with a battery kit or the body only.

Dewalt DCF815D2

Dewalt Compact XR Impact Driver 10.8v With Battery or Without Battery

- Max Torque: 107 Nm
- Impacts Per Minute: 3400
- Max No Load Speed: 2,450 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 2.0
- Voltage: 10.8v
- Weight: 1.04kg


This impact driver from Dewalt comes with all metal gearing, this will ensure that this power tool makes efficient use of the transmission as well as giving it a longer life.

Another excellent feature of this impact driver is that it is extremely light! It only weight just over 1kg which makes it the perfect tool to hang on your belt when you are working. Being light weight, it is also very easy to use whilst working as well as great to handle.

This Dewalt is a nice compact size and very good for tight spaces. This is the perfect impact driver for the DIY enthusiast, light weight, plenty of power and excellent build quality.

Dewalt DCF887P2

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