INGCO Impact Driver Review 20v UK Model

Over the last couple of years in the UK, the INGCO impact driver has become very popular, due to its excellent specs along with its affordable price. Below is our INGCO impact driver review to help you decide if this this the right impact driver for you. INGCO Impact Driver 20v Brushless Product Rating: Specs … Read more

WESCO Impact Driver Review UK Models 2022

WESCO currently make two different types of impact drivers for the UK market, and we will review both WESCO impact drivers, and show you the differences, to help you decide which is the best impact driver for you. Unfortunately, the WESCO impact drivers do not have any clear model numbers, the easiest way to distinguish … Read more

Best Use For Impact Driver

Impact drivers are one of those tools that once you use it, you can never do without out. Impact driver is not to be confused with a drill driver as they look very similar. Impact driver is a specialist power tool that is designed to fasten and unfasten (screw and unscrew) as fast and efficiently … Read more

Best Impact Drivers UK 2022

Are you looking for the best impact driver? Regardless of whether you are looking for general home use, or heavy duty contactor use, below you will find the best UK impact driver for your needs. Impact drivers are an excellent tool for fastening, and unfastening screws and bolts. With their extremely high torque, they can … Read more

Best Impact Driver For Home Use in 2022? (UK Review)

Our tests show that the best impact driver in its class is the WESCO. This is the best all-rounder UK impact driver, it is excellent value for money (Under £100), very good specs (180 Nm torque, 3,200 RPM & 3,600 IPM) and has become a very popular selling impact driver with raving user reviews. Want … Read more

Makita DTD154 vs DTD171 – Which is The Best Impact Driver

Battle of The Makita Impact Drivers Makita DTD154 is one of Makita’s best selling impact drivers in the UK, and now, it has been replaced by the Makita DTD171. If you are looking to replace your impact driver and wondering if it is worth spending extra on DTD171, we will compare them side by side … Read more

What is an Impact Driver? – Impact Driver Guide

Impact drivers are the best power tool when it comes to fastening and unfastening, impact drivers require less effort than what is required from a drill or electric screwdriver when fastening and unfastening. Why are impact drivers so efficient at this task, below, we will look at how impact drivers work to help you better … Read more

DeWalt DCF809 D2 Impact Driver

Full Kit With Batteries, Charger and Kit Box   Product Rating: DeWalt DCF809 Key Features Powerful 190Nm of fastening torque, drive screws with ease 2,800 No Load Speed (RPM), and 3,200 Impacts Per Minute High performance brushless motor for long lasing moter life and better power delivery Body is only 131mm in length, making it … Read more

Makita DTD152 Vs DTD153 – Which One is The Best Impact Driver

  Battle of The Makita Impact Drivers The Makita DTD152 is an extremely popular impact driver, however, with the Makita DTD153 now available, the question on most people minds is, what is the difference between the two. In this article we will look at the key difference between the two so you can decide which … Read more

Makita DTD170Z 18v Impact Driver Review

Makita DTD170 Key Features Powerful max fastening torque at 175Nm Impressive 3,800 impact per minute and 3,600 RPM 3 Adjustable pre-set power settings Assist mode for more control when driving screws T Mode is specifically for self drilling Tek screws through sheet metal High performance brushless motor to help deliver all its power Compact at … Read more