Makita TD110DWAE

Makita TD110DWAE

Makita TD110DWAE & TD110DZ 10.8 V Li-ionCXT Impact Driver

TD110DWAE & TD110DZ Features

• Slide type Li-ion battery

• Electric brake

• Variable speed control trigger

• Forward and reverse trigger

• LED job light

• Ergonomic soft grip

• Individual cell monitoring

• Battery protection circuit

• Low temperature performance up to -20ºC

• Battery fuel gauge (4-stage LED's)

Makita TD110DWAE

• Multi-contact slide type terminal ensures stable contact even under extreme vibration

• Equipped with Battery protection circuit: designed to protect the battery from damages due to overdischarge, high temperature or overload current


With Battery (TD110DWAE)

Without Battery (TD110DZ)

Differences Between the TD110DWAE & TD110DZ?

In Terms of Spec, they are the same impact driver, the only difference is that the TD110DWAE comes with 2 x 2Ah 10.8v batteries and a case. The Makita TD110DZ is the model number for the body only, this is ideal for people who already have Makita tools with batteries, as the battery can be used from those. However, it is always best to double check that the battery fits.


Makita TD110DWAE Specs 
Max Torque110 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,500
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,600
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity 2.0 Ah
Charge TimeN/A

About Makita

Makita is the leading manufacturer of the most powerful tools in the market and the introduction of the Makita TD110DWAE & TD110DZ models will only increase the brand's popularity.

The company has continuously proven itself as one of the top performers in the advancement of impact drivers.

This Makita impact driver is an excellent choice for DIY jobs because it is easy to use and comfortable to manage. This Makita is a world class innovation that will definitely prove its worth for your jobs at home and at work.

More Info About the Makita Impact Driver

Battery Protection Circuit

This Makita is designed to protect and safeguard the battery from possible damages due to overcharging, overload current or high temperature. The Makita TD110D battery has higher capacity and has an individual cell monitoring system. It is also one of the first impact drivers to have a compact multi-glide slide battery feature that guarantees stable contact even with extreme vibration jobs.

Comfortable and Secure Handling Experience

Comfort is something that you cannot compromise. This also goes for the usage of power tools. This Makita is compact and easy to use. Its handle is rubberized and is designed to give you the best grip enabling the maximum amount of thrust to the bit. The Makita 10.8v impact driver has a speed control trigger to help you gain ultimate control over any applications.

To Sum Up

This Makita impact driver is an extremely good tool for all DIY jobs and as well as tradesman jobs. This kit has immense power and has a “big boy” attitude for a small driver.

If you’re using long heavy duty screws, this Makita 10.8v impact driver kit does the job but may take a while to accomplish the task. Furthermore, the battery may be depleted and may get hot under strain.

However, since this powerful impact driver is equipped with a battery protection circuit, you are guaranteed that the battery will be protected from damage due to high temperature or over charging.

The right power tools can give you the most benefits for your money. When buying impact drivers, you have to consider many factors.

These include power, torque and speed. The Makita TD110DWAE and TD110DZ are both compact and manageable. The battery protection circuit is superb in keeping the device free from damage due to overcharging and over usage. You can go on working for hours without fear of interruptions.

Makita DTD154RTJ 18V

Makita DTD154RTJ

Makita DTD154RTJ & DTD154Z 18v Li-ion LXT Brushless Impact Driver

Available With Battery (DTD154RTJ) or Body Only (DTD154Z)


DTD154RTJ & DTD154Z Features

• eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) offers excellent protection against dust, debris, and liquids. This ensures efficient performance in various conditions

• Super compact with a general length of only 117mm and a hight of 238mm

• Quickly and easily remove or add new HEX bits with it's one touch system

• TEK mode (T-mode) is a excellent feature which reduces impact power during final stages of fastener seating

• Electronic 3-stage impact power selection (hard/medium/soft)

• Brushless DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio

• The brushless DC motor will reduced heat buildup in this power tool and is perfect for extended use when other drivers may fail

Makita DTD154RTJ 18V

• Battery protection system offers over-discharge, temperature and current protection for improved performance, battery cycle life, and overall battery life

• Dual LED job lights with pre-glow and afterglow features

• Ergonomic soft and smooth rubber grip design to help with vibration absorption, this ensures less stress on your body


With Battery (DTD154RTJ)

Without Battery (DTD154Z)

Differences Between the DTD154RTJ & DTD154Z?

They are the exact same impact driver spec wise, the only difference is that the DTD154RTJ comes with 2 x 5Ah 18v batteries and a case. The Makita DTD154Z is the impact driver body only, this is ideal for people who already have Makita tools with batteries, as the battery can be used from those. However, it is always best to double check that the battery fits.


Makita DTD154RTJ Specs 
Max Torque175 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,800
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,600
Battery Type18v
Battery Quantity 5.0 Ah
Charge Time45 min
Dimentions (H x L)238mm x 117mm

About Makita

One thing that you should look into when searching for efficient power tools is the reputation of the manufacturer. Innovative and advanced designs are two objectives that Makita has always adhered to in its commitment to provide excellent quality tools.

Makita is known as the leading manufacturer when it comes to power tools, and this is manifested with Makita DTD154RTJ and the DTD154Z 18 V Li-ion LXT brushless impact driver. This brushless impact driver is ergonomically created at only 117mm long and delivers maximum torque of 175 Nm!

With Makita, you can be assured of the quality and capacity of the products.

More Info About the Makita DTD154RTJ & DTD154Z

3-Speed Power Selection

This brushless impact driver has a 3-stage impact power selector that allows you to control it for an extensive application range. You can put it on low, medium, or high depending on how the tool will be used. This mode has an automatic controller that can be easily shifted to reduce rotation and the speed of impact. It also boasts of a TEK mode selection that avoids the over constriction of fasteners. With this particular mode, you can be assured that fasteners will not be overly tightened.

Maximum Torque Experience

This brushless impact driver at only 117 mm long delivers maximum torque of 175 Nm (1,550 in lbs) and a rpm of 3,600 which makes it one of the top performers in its category. A higher torque means you get to create big holes even with smaller drivers. It also produces lesser heat buildup so you can use it for an extended period of time without fear of overheating. It basically guarantees you of reduced body strain due to its smooth and easy screwing feature.

To Sum Up

The Makita DTD154RTJ and the DTD154 18v Li-ion LXT brushless impact driver delivers supreme power and powerful speed even with its compact size giving you full range when it comes to fastening tasks. Its tightening mode is specially optimized to increase tightening speed without damaging the work and the screw.

It consists of a 3-stage impact power selector and TEK selection mode that prevents fasteners from being overly tightened. It is heavy-duty, powerful, and fast, making it one of the best tools that Makita has ever created.

This 18v Makita impact driver is absolutely perfect for you as it has abundant power to do all jobs. You can use it at home, at work and be assured that it can handle all sorts of fastener without a glitch.

This tool has excellent value and is well-constructed to address particular needs of the user. You will find it easy to use due to its more compact nature. It starts off as a standard driver until it begins to operate on an impact mode which is really useful in tightening and loosening up of screws and bolts.

It has XPT Technology that effectively protects it from liquids, dust, and even debris so you can be guaranteed of its excellent performance. It costs relatively lower, too.

If you are a DIY enthusiasts or professional trades man, this impact driver will do the job regardless of what you throw at it which makes it an excellent choice.

Makita DTD154RTJ 18V

Makita Impact Drivers

Makita Impact Drivers (18v & 10.8v)

Below you will find Makita impact drivers that are currently available

Makita DTD154RTJ 18 V Li-ion LXT Brushless Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 175 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,800
- Max No Load Speed: 3,600 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 5.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 45 min
- Weight: 1.5kg


This ultra-compact 18v impact driver is excellent for small spaces, as it is only 117mm wide. It also has a three-stage impact power selector for when you require less power in those awkward spaces where precision is required.

The three-stage impact selector will change both the impact blows per minute and RPM. When the setting is at the lowest, it is an excellent precision driver, crank it up to its maximum power and you have a driver that will drive very long screws with ease.

Makita DTD154RTJ 18V

Makita TD110DWAE 10.8 V Li-ionCXT Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 110 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,500
- Max No Load Speed: 2,600 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 2
- Voltage: 10.8v
- Weight: 1.2kg


This new 10.8v impact driver from Makita may be small, but it has a big boy attitude! It has enough power to get most jobs done with ease, light enough so it is easy to use, and it has two batteries so you never have to put it down for charge time. This is an excellent impact driver for the DIY enthusiast.

Makita TD110DWAE

Past Models

Makita DTD152RMJ 18 V Li-ion LXT Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 165 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,500
- Max No Load Speed: 2,900 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 4.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 35 min
- Weight: 1.5kg


This impact driver by Makita is extremely popular and one of their best sellers. This impact driver has no problems driving in large screws.

This impact driver comes with 2 x 4Ah batteries, the 4Ah will ensure that you get plenty of runtime from each battery and having two batteries will ensure you never have to stop working, you can have one charging whilst using the other battery.

Makita DTD152RMJ

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