Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

Milwaukee M18ONEID

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X M18 & M18ONEID-0 Impact Driver

M18ONEID-502X & M18ONEID-0 Features

• Produces an increate 203 Nm Torque to help loosen the stubbornest of screws

• Produces excellent impacts per minute (3,700 IPM) and no load speed (3,000 RPM)

• Connect this impact driver to an app (ONE-KEY™ app) on your phone via Bluetooth

• The phone app gives you complete customization of the impact driver

• From the ONE-KEY™ app you can select from a range of preprogrammed profiles or quickly create your own settings to suite your needs.

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

• Save up to 4 custom settings to the tools memory for fast selection when on the job

• Control speed, torque, start and end speeds and LED control

• Specific tool profiles include a range of self tapping screw modes

• Flexible battery system: works with all Milwaukee® M18™ batteries

With Battery (M18ONEID-502X)

Without Battery (M18ONEID-0)

What’s The Difference Between the M18ONEID-502X & M18ONEID-0?

There is no difference in specs between the two. The only difference is that the M18ONEID-0 is the body only with no battery, and the M18ONEID-502X comes with 2 x 5 Ah batteries.


Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X 
Max Torque203 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,700
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,000
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah
Charge Time45 min
Dimentions (H x L)N/A x 140mm

More Info About Milwaukee

Out of the many features that this impact driver has to offer, one of the most notable features is that it provides four different modes of operation. Therefore, it is a multifunctional impact driver that will become a versatile part of your toolbox.

This driver is also known for having the latest technology. You can use the ONE-KEY app that you can download from your phone. You can even create and save your profiles to get the best use out of this impact driver.

4 Modes in 1 Impact Driver

Here is a quick explanation of what each of those modes does:

• The first mode is useful for those who want to do some precision work.

• The second mode is great because it keeps the materials you are drilling from getting damaged.

• The third one is for harder materials and to deliver the best performance possible.

• The fourth one is all about precision performance, which is where it will detect when your materials will get damaged and will close by itself. This is thanks to what technology has to offer us today.

The Latest Advancements ONE-KEY app

You can download the ONE-KEY app on your phone. This allows you to set the settings of the impact driver exactly the way that you want it.

All you have to do is connect your impact driver to the app via Bluetooth and start changing the settings to fit your needs.

Another bonus is that you do not have to keep changing the settings constantly, as you can save profiles so that you can easily switch profiles in one click to suit your needs.

There are a lot of positive reviews about the Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X M18. People often say that they encounter no problems with this product and that it works exactly the way it says it does.

Another good point that buyers have made was that it has a tracking system. This means that if your impact driver gets stolen, you can find its location through the ONE-KEY app. You can even shut off the drill through the drill so that no one will be able to use it until you retrieve it.

To Sum Up

Overall, the Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X M18 has proven to be a must-have in your toolbox. It is a 4-in-1 impact driver that conveniently can be configured through the settings in the ONE-KEY application on your phone.

With lots of advantages and minimal to no problems with this product, it is no wonder why this is referred to as Milwaukee’s best impact driver yet.

M12BID-202C Sub

Milwaukee M12BID-202C

Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver

Available With Battery (M12BID-202C) or Body Only (M12BID-0)

M12BID-202C & M12BID-0 Features

• High-performance compact impact driver with 165mm in length

• RedLINK™ overload protection electronics for its tool and battery for the best type of system durability

• Hefty, all-around metal gear case for excellent power and extreme torque

• Easy and fast-bit change with its ¼-inch Hex chuck

• Optimized handle for improved control and better grip

• Separate monitoring for the battery cell monitoring for optimized runtime and long-lasting pack durability

• Adjustable battery system compatible with all Milwaukee M12™ batteries

• Maximum torque – 112 Nm

Milwaukee M12BID-202C Sub Compact 12v Impact Driver

• Committed fuel indicator and LED light that makes it more user-friendly than other tools convenience, especially working in an area with dim light

• Two REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery packs provided with two times more battery life and runtime and 20% additional power

With Battery (M12BID-202C)

Without Battery (M12BID-0)

Differences Between the M12BID-202C & M12BID-0?

Both Models are the same spec, the reason why they have different model numbers is because the Milwaukee M12BID-202C comes with 2 x 2.0ah 12v batteries and kit box. The Milwaukee M12BID-0 is the body only with no batteries. If you already have M12 batteries, then you only need the body. Please check the batteries you have fit.


Makita TD110DWAE Specs 
Max Torque112 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,300
Max No Load Speed (RPM)2,500
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity2.0 Ah
Charge Time45 min

More Info About Milwaukee

This Milwaukee 12v impact driver is a high-performance power tool ideal to use in confined spaces with its impressive 165-mm length. It is a cordless, heavy-duty compact driver convenient to operate, especially if you prefer to work with freedom from any bothersome cords and lack of electrical outlets.

Every power tool user knows that torque is what makes impact drivers differ from standard drills. The Milwaukee Compact Impact Driver from the M12 Series has an impressive 112-Nm torque with a 0–3300 maximum impact showing heavy-duty and high performance. It can handle any type of surface at a high speed with the least effort.

If you prefer low-intensity control and grip, especially if you are a beginner, the Milwaukee M12 does not have any speed settings or adjustment. This can affect the accuracy and size of the drilled holes. The Milwaukee M12 impact driver also has a 3.32-kg weight which can be quite heavy if you are not used to operating high-powered tools.

Unique 165-mm Length Works Well in Confined Spaces

Not all work spaces are straight and easy to reach. Impact drivers are often used to drill holes or drive screws at high speed, and this can be difficult to do in confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas.

The Milwaukee M12 has a 165-mm length which allows you to work on tight spaces for a precise finish while saving you a lot of time and effort.

Most impact drivers only have around 158-mm length like the DeWalt sub compact impact rriver or the Bosch impact driver with only 137 mm.

RedLINK™ Battery Pack for Longer Battery Life and Durability

One of the important reasons for investing in a cordless compact impact driver is the battery life. It would be totally useless to operate a cordless driver if the battery dies easily.

The Milwaukee M12 compact impact driver is powered by RedLINK™ for overload protection for the tool and its battery known for its remarkably durable system.

Its REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack gives two times more battery life and run time and 20% more power as compared to most lithium-ion batteries. This is a good feature as it won’t give you the problem of declining drill power while the battery is being used up. The Milwaukee M12  has a consistent high-quality performance with your every use.

To Sum Up

It does not matter whether you use the impact driver frequently or occasionally as long as you invest in a durable and heavy-duty power tool that you can use for a long time. With the Milwaukee M12 compact driver, you can get the value for your money since a lot of power tools vary and product reviews often help you make the right decision.

This Milwaukee compact impact driver is one of the best power tools on the market if you want an all-around, powerful impact driver that can operate at different types of surfaces even on uneven and confined spaces.

The durability requirement is also satisfied with its high-quality overload tool and battery protection electronics. If you want a good and long-term investment, the Milwaukee M12 compact impact driver is the one for you.

milwaukee m18blid-402c

Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 Brushless Impact Driver

Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 Brushless Impact Driver


• Compact impact driver measures only 137 mm in length with 99 mm head height.

• Brushless motor technology delivers 170 Nm of torque, 2800 rpm, and 3600 ipm.

• REDLINK™ overload protection electronics in tool and battery pack deliver best in class system durability and reliability.

• Heavy-duty full metal gearbox and gears for superior durability and maximum torque and power.

• Brightest LED workspace illumination to help you work even in dark and small spaces.

milwaukee m18blid-402c

• Individual battery cell monitoring optimizes tool runtime and ensures long-term pack durability.

• One-handed bit insert with retention lock.

• Flexible battery system: works with all Milwaukee® M18™ batteries.

What Does it Come With?

1 x Milwaukee impact driver
2 x 4.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries
1 x Charger

Milwaukee M18BLID-402C 
Max Torque203 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,700
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,000
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah
Charge Time59 min
Dimentions (H x L)137mm x 99mm

More Info About Milwaukee

Milwaukee introduced a fresh line of M18 tools including Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 impact driver that offers impressive performance when it comes to power and durability. It has a relatively compact design that measures only 137 mm in length and 99 mm head height with solid RPM, making it very comfortable to hold and use. With its small design, you can easily store this tool even in smaller spaces, and you won’t have any trouble travelling with this excellent impact driver.

This impact driver boasts of a brushless motor technology which can deliver 170Nm of maximum torque, making it durable and reliable for any job. Workspace illumination is also taken care of because of its LED work light which you can use in darker and compact spaces. Its REDLINK overload protection technology is also very helpful in protecting electronics and even the battery packs. You can be assured of its durability and reliability all the time.

Compact Yet Very Powerful Tool

This Milwaukee impact driver is compact yet very powerful. Many times when you hear the word compact, you might think that it would have lesser power. Back in the days, people would buy the biggest tools available thinking that it would provide with the most strength and performance.

This compact impcat driver, however, is comfortable to use due to its light and small design, but it also contains the optimum power that does the job in no time.

Flexible Battery System Design

The Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 has a very flexible battery system which lets it work with all M18 Milwaukee batteries. If you own several Milwaukee tools, you can definitely save money in the long run considering that these tools can be run by the same battery packs.

This great battery life enhances tool runtime, and you can be assured of longer battery pack durability. You can have longer uninterrupted work hours due to this impact driver’s new battery technology.

To Sum Up

Even with its small and compact design, you can be assured of maximum power and torque for all your jobs. Its great battery life also gives you more hours of work without the dread of being interrupted due to low battery.

However, the Milwaukee M18 Brushless impact drivers are not cheap. This can be attributed to the features and benefits that you will get once you avail of Milwaukee tools and devices. But you will obviously get what you paid for with this compact and powerful impact driver.

The power and performance are worth it. Because of its new battery technology, you get longer runtime; hence, you don’t have to charge the batteries regularly. You’ll realize soon enough how much you have saved by buying this very functional power tool.

You can never go wrong with Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 impact driver. Power and quality are two of the most important features that you should look for when searching for impact drivers.

With the Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 brushless Impact Driver, you are guaranteed with the optimum performance while enjoying its compact and lightweight feature. This brushless impact driver delivers both power and longer runtime so you can work all day long.

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

Milwaukee Impact Drivers

Milwaukee Impact Drivers (18 & 12v)

Below you will find Milwaukee impact drivers that are currently available

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X M18 One Key Fuel Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 203 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,700
- Max No Load Speed: 3,000 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 5.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Weight: 1.7kg


This is an impact driver with 21st century technology. You sync this up with an app on your phone, then from your phone you can control the settings of the impact driver, even switch it off from your phone so no one else can use it. Some may say it’s too much hassle for this type of tool and want something they can pick up and use, not have to spend 5 min setting it up through an app on a phone.

You get four different speed settings.

- Mode 1 is for precision work
- Mode 2 helps prevent damage to fasteners and material
- Mode 3 delivers max performance for the toughest applications
- Mode 4 gives you precision performance via a controlled start speed up to 3,000 rpm

The sum up this impact driver: It has power and modern-day technology all in one package.

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 Brushless Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 170 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,600
- Max No Load Speed: 2,800 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 4.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 80 min
- Weight: 1.7kg


The main feature of this impact driver is its compact size, it measures in at 99mm in high and 137mm in width. If you are looking for an 18v impact driver that can fit into tight spaces, then is an excellent choice. It has plenty of power and comes with a 4.0 Ah battery which should give you a long run time.

milwaukee m18blid-402c

Milwaukee M12BID-202C Sub Compact 12v Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 112 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,300
- Max No Load Speed: 2,500 rpm
- Battery Type: Red lithium ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 2
- Voltage: 12v
- Charge Time: 40 Min
- Weight: 1.1kg


This impact driver comes with a Red lithium ion battery which gives you up to 2x more run time, up to 20% more power, up to 2x more battery life and operates better down to -20C than other lithium-ion technology.

This impact driver is excellent for work that requires precision. It has a good amount of power and works very well in spaces that require you to be more delicate and precise.

Milwaukee M12BID-202C Sub Compact 12v Impact Driver

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