How to Use Flat Head Screwdriver

The flat head screwdriver might seem like a straight forward simple-to-use device until it strips your screw head. If you don’t place the flat head precisely on the slot, it will slip and chip away part of the ridges of the slot. So, if you are a DIYer, and don’t want to make losses then … Read more

How to Use Philips screwdriver

Philips screwdrivers are designed to be used by screws that have a cross-like slot at the top of their heads. And for successful driving and unscrewing, the screwdriver has to snugly fit on the screw head. Philips screwdrivers come in four sizes but the most commonly used sizes are 2 and 1. Before using the … Read more

Types of Screw Drivers

Types of Screw Drivers Screwdrivers perform two essential jobs that make them vital for professionals and homeowners alike to own. The nail-like devices are used to either tighten or loosen fasteners. Screwdrivers are available in varieties because each of them is suited for a specific function, for example, we do have screwdrivers that are used … Read more

Best Ratchet Screwdriver

Makita P-90071 13-in-1 (Best Ratchet Screwdriver) Made for professional tradesmen Chunky soft grip allows you to drive more torque Comes with high quality Makita screwdriver bits Lightweight Under £20 If you are familiar with the Makita brand, you will know that they make tools for professional tradesmen, and therefore make high quality tools that are … Read more

Best Electric Screwdriver in 2021 (UK Cordless Models)

The best electric screwdriver is the Meterk. It has extremely high torque for an electric screwdriver, along with an adjustable torque setting feature. This cordless screwdriver will be more than adequate for DIY jobs, very easy to use, and is currently the best value for money cordless screwdriver. Ranked No.1: Meterk (Best Electric Screwdriver) Max … Read more