DeWalt DCD796 Vs DCD795 – Which is The Best Combi Drill?

Battle of The DeWalt Drills

DeWalt sell some excellent combi drills, and the DeWalt DCD796 and DCD795 are two very popular selling drills. In this article, both drills will go head to head to see what the differences are between the two. Read below to compare DeWalt DCD796 vs DCD795 specifications.

Blows Per Minute

  • DeWalt DCD796: 34,000
  • DeWalt DCD795: 34,000

This function is used when in hammer mode, when the drill bit moves back and forth to help drill through masonry easier. As you can see, both DeWalt Drills are equal here with 34,000 blows per minute, or also known as impacts per minute.


  • DeWalt DCD796: 2,000
  • DeWalt DCD795: 2,000

The faster the drill bit spins, the easier it is to pierce through the material, and deeper into the material. Again, both drills are equal here.


  • DeWalt DCD796: 70Nm
  • DeWalt DCD795: 60Nm

Torque (Nm) is important when fastening and unfastening screws. The more torque you have, the tighter you can fasten a screw, or torque makes it easier to unfasten tight, stubborn screws. The DeWalt DCD796 is the winner here with more torque at 70Nm.

Brushless Motor

  • DeWalt DCD796: Has Brushless Motor
  • DeWalt DCD795: Has Brushless Motor

Having a brushless motor is extremely important for heavy duty use. Brushless motors deliver the power better, and don’t have a drop off in power with continuous use. Brushless motors are recommended for tradesmen who will use Drills quite often on a daily basis. Both drills have a brushless motor.

Body Length Size

  • DeWalt DCD796: 190 mm
  • DeWalt DCD795: 197 mm

Body length size is important for those who work in confined and awkward spaces. The DeWalt DCD796 is 7 mm smaller than the DCD795.

Variable Speed Trigger and Electronic Brake

Both DeWalt combi drills come with variable speed trigger for finer power control, and electronic brake when you let go of the trigger.

Job Light

Both DeWalt cordless drills come with a bright LED light which is located above the battery pack, they have the pre-glow and after-glow functions.

Compatible With DeWalts XR Batteries

The latest generation of DeWalt cordless tool use the XR range of batteries. Both of these DeWalt Drills use the 18v XR DeWalt battery.

Which One Should You Buy?

As you can see, both DeWalt drills are very similar, the only difference is torque and size. Pricewise, the DCD795 is between £80-£90, and the DCD796 is between £90-£100. If you want the extra power and smaller size, The DCD796 is the one to go for, if you want to spend less, go for the DCD795.

Which One Would We Recomend?

We would recommend the DeWalt DCD796 as it is the newer model, DCD796 replaces the DCD795, has more torque, smaller in size, and not that much more expensive.

Hope fully this DeWalt DCD96 vs DCD795 article has helped you decide which one is right for you.