DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin Pack Combi Drill and Impact Driver

DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin Pack

If you are looking for high quality power tools, the DeWalt DCK2059D2T twin pack kit provides you a cost-effective way to add DeWalt quality power tools to your tool box.

This kit holds DeWalt’s most affordable model, the DCD777 brushless drill driver. Included with this drill is the DCF787 brushless impact driver to complete the combo set.

Along with the power tools, you will also get 2 x 2.0 Ah 18v batteries and a TSTAK carry case. The DeWalt DCK2059D2T twin pack kit made for carpenters, wood shop workers, general DIY’s and various other uses as well.

DeWalt DCD777 Combi Drill

  • Blows Per Minute: 0-9,350/34,000 bpm
  • No Load Speed: 0-500/1,750 rpm
  • Max Torque S/H: 26 / 65 Nm
  • Torque Settings: 15 + drill
  • Power Output: 340 Watt
  • Max. in masonry: N/A
  • Max. in steel: 13mm
  • Max. in wood: 30mm
  • Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
  • Chuck Capacity: 15-13mm
  • Net Weight: 1.15kg (Excluding Battery)

DeWalt DCF787 Impact Driver

  • Max Torque: 205 Nm
  • Impacts per Minute: 0-3,800 IPM
  • No Load Speed: 0-3,250 RPM
  • Battery: 18v XR Lithium-ion
  • Machine Screw: M5-M12
  • Bolt Size: M5-M14
  • Net Weight: 1.56kg

About This DeWalt Twin Pack

Brushless Drill (DCD777) Features

The torque and drill speed the DCD777 offers will fit any high maintenance work. The brushless drill offers two drill speeds: variable speed and reverse switch.

It weighs roughly 3.3 pounds. When compared to older DeWalt models like the DCD771, the DCD777 is an inch shorter, standing at 7.5 inches in height. Its more compact size and weight make it more ergonomic and easy to hold in your hand for when you work on long projects.

Having a DCD777 DeWalt cordless drill on hand means you get a drill that will run on less charge but with more drilling power.

It doesn’t come with a battery gauge like the impact drill does. However, DeWalt has managed to increase the battery life on the DCD777 by 30% more for less charge time.

Impact Driver (DCF787) Features

The DCF787 offers a similar feel when in your hand or when in use. The impact driver offers three speeds: from precision to high-speed impact.

Like the DCD777, it’s more compact than older models. It stands at 5.4 inches and weighs two pounds. Both the DCD777 and DCF787 have a comfort grip for better ease and comfort when handling the tool.

The DCF787 has LED lights which get activated when you press the trigger. The lights stay active for 20 seconds before shutting off. The batteries can take one hour to charge, but one battery can last for a long time.

Before the first battery has even finished getting drained, the second one will be fully charged and ready. Remember to look at the base of the impact drill’s light gauge if you want to know how much charge a battery has left in it.

Other Items Included

Inside the box, you’ll find a robust TSTAK case, two 2Ah lithium batteries and a charger for said batteries. The TSTAK case acts as a carrying case for either or both of the drills. The charger is fully compatible with the rest of DeWalt’s 18v range.

What do Other Customers Think?

DeWalt has customers that keep coming back to buy their models when they release. There are many customers who have expressed joy in investing on the DeWalt DCK2059D2T as well. These customers were happy about how one kit contains two powerful tools with many useful features. DeWalt continues to improve the quality of their models as they release newer ones.

Customers can see the drill is easy to use and comfortable even during long projects. Using the brushless drill and impact drill yourself won’t cause strain to your hands. The battery might take one hour to charge, but you can go through a whole day on one battery alone on each drill. Remember, you can always watch over the light gauge on the impact drill if you want to know when it’s time for the battery to be recharged.

To Sum Up

This DeWalt twin pack kit is perfect for anyone who wants to own drills that can endure long projects and can last a long time. Whether you are experienced with using drills or not, you will see value in the DeWalt DCK2059D2T when you put your money in this set. You may also want to check out the DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin Pack.

There is a 12-month warranty for each kit. Keep this in mind for when you find your kit shows any signs of a factory defect, however, DeWalt has a reputation for making quality tools, so this won’t happen anytime soon.