DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin Pack Combi Drill and Impact Driver

DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin

The DeWalt DCK266P2T is a power tool kit that brings together the powerful combination of the DeWalt DCD796 cordless combi drill and DeWalt DCF887 impact driver.

These tools are excellent for construction jobs and do-it-yourself projects. Users of this kit can range from hobbyist homeowners to professional contractors because of the tools’ excellent build quality.

The tools in DeWalt DCK266P2T promises more power and efficiency than its predecessor kits. The kit contains a combi drill, impact driver, a charger, and two batteries for the drill and driver.

DeWalt DCD796 Drill

  • Max Torque: 95 Nm
  • Blows Per Minute: 0-38250
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 0-2250
  • Brushless Motor
  • Torque settings: 11+Drill
  • Drill chuck: 1.5mm-13.0mm keyless chuck
  • Drilling diameter in steel: 15mm
  • Drilling diameter in wood: 55mm
  • Drilling diameter in masonry: 13mm
  • Weight: 1.8Kg
  • DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver
  • Max Torque: 205Nm
  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,800
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 3,250
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Electric Brake
  • Brushless Motor
  • 3 Bright Built in Halo LED’s
  • Length: 134mm
  • Height: 225mm
  • Weight: 1.4KG

About The DeWalt DCK266P2T Twin Pack

DeWalt DCD796 Combi Drill

The DeWalt DCK266P2T twin packs first feature is the DeWalt DCD796 18V XR compact hammer drill. It is a cordless drill powered by an 18-volt 5Ah DeWalt battery. The battery pack has a state-of-charge indicator, and is easy to remove and insert. It also has a drill driver and hammer feature for many applications.

The DeWalt 18v drill uses a brushless motor technology that increases its efficiency and gives it 30% more power than its predecessor, the DCD795. The drill’s brushless motor also has improved airflow to prevent overheating and increase power. It’s also lightweight and compact, weighing around 1.8 kg and 174 mm shorter than the DCD795, making it easy to use in small and confined spaces.

Apart from its size, the drill’s rubber grip-over mold enhances your comfort with its quality ergonomic design. It has around 15 adjustable torque control positions for screw driving into different kinds of materials. It also has three positions for LED light which set to low, medium, and high LED.

DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver

This twin pack also carries the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver. Like the DeWalt DCD796, this driver also uses an 18V 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery compatible with other DeWalt tools. It also has a brushless motor that can output a speed up to 205 Nm of torque, making it 28% more powerful than the DCF886, its predecessor. This output makes the driver efficient in finishing heavy applications immediately. It is also compact and lightweight, making it fit in small spaces.

This driver has three motor speeds and torque settings to optimize application control, including a setting called “PrecisionDrive.” The “PrecisionDrive” mode provides an additional screw driving application control to prevent material and fastener damages.

The Inclusions

Apart from the power tools, the DeWalt DCK266P2T comes with two 5.0 Ah batteries for the combi drill and the impact driver. A multi-voltage charger is also included for the rechargeable batteries. The physical kit is a Tstak box, a registered trademark of the DeWalt brand that is both tough and flexible, serving as an optimized container with portable convenience.

What Users Are Saying

DeWalt is a leading brand in power tools, and it is too early to find yourself disappointed in the DeWalt DCK266P2T twin pack kit. The kit garnered many positive reviews about the tools’ outstanding quality. Every review rave about the kit’s powerful performance, its weight, compactness, and speed.

The features, in particular, make the tools of this twin pack sturdy, easy to use, and convenient. The inclusion of LED lights allows users like you to work even in dark spaces and the power settings of each tool reduce mistakes users can make. The Tstak box also contains storage compartments for the tools, as well as the drill and screwdriver bits, for optimum convenience.

The life of the 5.0 Ah XR batteries will make the tools last for a long time in use, although it can be a bit heavy for users. Luckily, the DeWalt DCK266P2T tools can also use smaller and lighter compatible batteries if you wish. You should also fully push the batteries into the charger, or else the charge indicator of the battery will contradict the charger.

One of the biggest pros of the DeWalt twin pack is the three-year warranty for the combi drill and impact driver that you can avail by registering on the DeWalt website within four weeks of purchasing the kit. However, some users claimed they weren’t granted the warranty even after registering. Some users also mentioned that the tools might be noisy when in use; you must use ear protection if this is a pressing matter.

As for the price, almost all users said the kit was definitely worth the price. It may be pricier than other kits, but the inclusions and enhanced features of the tools make it a good bargain. It is overall a powerful twin pack drills kit that allows you to accomplish a variety of projects.

Summing Up DeWalt DCK266P2T

There are many factors you should consider when choosing cordless drills and impact drivers. A tool’s accessibility, size, and weight determine its convenience. Combi drills and impact drivers that pack a lot of speed are highly preferred. The speed of the tools’ rechargeable batteries also matter.

This DeWalt twin pack has many advantages going for it, which makes it an excellent choice, and a piece of kit that won’t disappoint. You may also want to check out the DeWalt DCK2059D2T Twin Pack.