Dewalt Impact Drivers (18v & 10.8v)

Below you will find Dewalt impact drivers that are currently available

Dewalt Impact Driver 18v With Battery or Without Battery

- Max Torque: 205 Nm
- Impacts Per Minute: 3,800
- Max No Load Speed: 3,250 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 5.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 30 min
- Weight: 3.07kg


This Dewalt is an absolute pleasure to hold in your hand, it is extremely comfortable and very easy to use. Not only is it comfortable, it has more then enough power, with 205Nm of torque, this tool will never let you down!

This impact driver is nice and compact, fits into small spaces with ease, it also provides enough light for those hard to see dark areas. One of the best features on this impact driver is its speed settings, there are three speed settings.

If you want an electric screwdriver with low power for delicate screwdriving, no problem. If you want to drive large screws into stubborn materials, no problem, this impact driver has you covered. You can get this with a battery kit or the body only.

Dewalt DCF815D2

Dewalt Compact XR Impact Driver 10.8v With Battery or Without Battery

- Max Torque: 107 Nm
- Impacts Per Minute: 3400
- Max No Load Speed: 2,450 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 2.0
- Voltage: 10.8v
- Weight: 1.04kg


This impact driver from Dewalt comes with all metal gearing, this will ensure that this power tool makes efficient use of the transmission as well as giving it a longer life.

Another excellent feature of this impact driver is that it is extremely light! It only weight just over 1kg which makes it the perfect tool to hang on your belt when you are working. Being light weight, it is also very easy to use whilst working as well as great to handle.

This Dewalt is a nice compact size and very good for tight spaces. This is the perfect impact driver for the DIY enthusiast, light weight, plenty of power and excellent build quality.

Dewalt DCF887P2