How to Use Impact Driver to Remove Screws

If you are looking to remove screws, impact driver is the tool to have as it makes removing screws extremely easy, below is step by step how you use an impact driver to remove screws.

Make sure you have the right screwdriver bit for the screw you want to unfasten

It is not uncommon for people to use the wrong screwdriver bit to remove a screw. If you have a Phillips screw and use a Pozdrive screwdriver bit, you risk stripping the head, it may fit, but will not provide the best results. Also, using a flat head screwdriver bit in a Phillips is a big no no as well.

Even if you use a Phillips screwdriver bit in a Phillips screw, they very in sizes, and you need to make sure you have the right size Phillips bit that fits perfectly into the screw, don’t use a PH1 screwdriver bit in a PH2 screw head.

Make sure the screwdriver bit is securely in the screw head

This leads on from the point above. Make sure the screwdriver bit is secure in the screw head, if there is some wobble, it might be a size smaller. Once the screwdriver bit is securely in the screw head, move on to the next step.

Start off by applying low pressure

The variable speed trigger will allow you to control the power output of the impact driver. If you apply too much power right off the bat, you risk stripping the screw head, or snapping off the head.
Start off gently and keep on applying more power until the screw starts to loosen.

Getting the Screw Out

Once the screw has loosened, you can increase the RPM using the variable speed trigger, the further you press the trigger the faster the chuck spins, the faster the screw comes out.

However, keep in mind the material you are unscrewing from, if the material is delicate, you may not want to apply full power to remove the screw as it may damage the surrounding area.

How do I remove a Screw if the Head is Stripped?

They are a few ways you can remove the screw if the thread in the head is stripped. Depending on how bad it is, you can try the following.

If the screw is a Phillips or Pozdrive, you can use a slightly bigger screwdriver bit, it may grip enough to unscrew the screw. The key is to do it very slowly with low power, if you apply too much power, it will continue to strip the screw.

Alternatively, you can buy screwdriver bits that have jagged edges that apply extra grip and are good at removing stripped screws.

The method above also applies to flat head screws and various other screws.

What if the screw head is completely stripped?

If the screw is completely stripped, there are two options to help remove the screw.
The first is to drill it out, make sure you have a good quality Hex drill bit for impact drivers, make sure it is the same size as the screw thread and drill it till it all comes out.

Another way is to use a Hex screw extractor kit designed for impact drivers. This kit will screw itself into the screw head counterclockwise, once it is tightly in the screw, it will begin to unscrew the screw until it is completely out.

When it comes to removing screws quickly and efficiently, impact drivers are the go-to tool for many. Thanks to the massive torque they produce and its special hammering function there is no other tool that compares to an impact driver when removing screws, not even electric screwdrivers have the capabilities of an impact driver.

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