Makita DTD152 Vs DTD153 – Which One is The Best Impact Driver


Battle of The Makita Impact Drivers

The Makita DTD152 is an extremely popular impact driver, however, with the Makita DTD153 now available, the question on most people minds is, what is the difference between the two. In this article we will look at the key difference between the two so you can decide which one is right for you, see below for Makita DTD152 vs DTD153…

Fastening Torque

Fastening torque is one of the most important features on any impact driver, and usually the fist spec to look at when purchasing an impact driver.

  • The Makita DTD152 has 165Nm of fastening torque.
  • The Makita DTD153 has 170Nm of Fastening torque.

Torque wise both impact driver a similar and most people wont notice the difference in torque.

Impacts Per Minute and No Load Speed (RPM)

Along with fastening torque, impacts per minute and no load speed are extremely important features to consider.

The Makita DTD152 comes with the following:

  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,500
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 2,900

The Makita DTD153 comes with the following:

  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,600
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 3,400

As you can see, the DTD153 is the superior impact driver when it comes to impacts per minute and no load speed. The extra impacts per minute will help better tightened large screws, nuts and bolts. The extra RPM will be beneficial when driving screws into timber, the screw will go in quicker with lest effort.

Brushless Motor

Having a brushless motor is extremely important for heavy duty use as it better at delivering all the power and lasts longer than non-brushless motors. Brushless motors are recommended for tradesmen who will use impact drivers quite often on a daily basis.

  • Makita DTD152: No Brushless Motor
  • Makita DTD153: Has Brushless Motor

The DTD153 is the better Makita impact driver for heavy users as it has the brushless motor.

Body Length Size

Body length size is important for those who work in confined and awkward spaces

  • Makita DTD152Z: 137mm
  • Makita DTD153Z: 126mm

The Z after the model number indicates that it is the body only without battery, as the battery size can change the hight of the impact driver. The DTD153 is the more compact impact driver and will be more comfortable to handle.

Compatible With Makita’s LXT Batteries

Currently, Makita 18v cordless power tools are using LXT range if batteries, these batteries can be interchanged with different Makita 18v power tools. The DTD152 and DTD153 are compatible with Makita’s LXT 18v Batteries.

Variable Speed Trigger and Electronic Brake

Both impact drivers come with variable speed trigger for finer power control, and electronic brake when you let go of the trigger.

Job Light

Both impact drivers come with a bright LED job light which is located above the trigger, they have the pre-glow and after-glow functions.

Which One Should You Buy?

Both cordless Makita impact drivers are exceptionally good, they have Makita’s high build quality and are compatible with Makita’s 18v batteries.

If you are a heavy duty user, The Makita DTD153 is the one to go for, it has more power, brushless motor and is smaller in length size.