Makita DTD155 & DTD155Z 18v Impact Driver

Available With Battery (DTD155) or Body Only (DTD155Z)

Makita DTD155 Key Features

  • Delivers 140Nm of fastening torque
  • 2 adjustable power modes for both impacts per minute and RPM
  • Assist mode to help you stabilize screws when driving into wood
  • Brushless motor provides high performance and long lasting tool life
  • Comes with eXtreme Protection Technology to help protect against dust and moister
  • Soft coted handle provides comfort when using the impact driver
  • At only 1.4kg with battery, this impact driver is light weight and easy to maneuver

Without Battery (DTD155Z)

Makita DTD155 Specs
Max Torque140 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,900
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,000
Brushless MotorYes
Battery Type18V Lithium-Ion
Adjustable Speed SettingsNo
Variable Speed TriggerYes
Max Bolt DiameterM14
Body Length135mm
Body Weight1.4kg

Differences Between the DTD155Z & DTD155?

It is the same model, same performance and same tool body, the only difference is that Makita DTD155 comes with a 18v LXT Makita battery for those who need one. The Makita DTD155Z is the body only and sells at a cheaper price as the battery is not included. If you already have Makita batteries and do not need any more than you will only need the impact driver body.

Makita DTD155 Impact Driver

The Makita DTD155 is an excellent impact driver for those who are looking to fasten and unfasten screws. Makita impact drivers are built to the highest standard to ensure reliability and high performance. See more of the best 18v Makita impact drivers.

High Performance Makita Impact Driver

The Makita DTD155Z comes with very good specs, it has 140Nm of fastening torque, an impressive 3,900 impacts per minute and 3,000 RPM giving it the perfect amount of power for fastening and unfastening screws.To help maximize power, it comes with a high performance brushless motor, brushless motors provide better power delivery and have a longer life than non-brushless motors.

2 Power Modes + Assist mode

The Makita DTD155Z comes with 2 adjustable power modes known as Hi and Lo that give you the following:Hi Mode

  • Impacts Per Minute: Up to 3,900
  • No Load Speed: Up to 3,000

Lo Mode

  • Impacts Per Minute: Up to 1,600
  • No Load Speed: Up to 1,300

Lo mode is excellent for more precise delicate jobs such as fastening cabinet screws, door hinges and various other low impact jobs.Hi mode gives you full power for those heavy duty jobs such as driving long screws into timber. Assist Mode: Helps you tightening screws with better control. It starts of slow until the impact driver starts to impact, then it speeds up until the screw has been fasten in place.

Light weight and Sub-Compact

This brushless Makita impact driver can weight up to 1.4kg with a battery, making it extremely easy to handle and maneuver as you barely feel its weight. At only 135mm in length, this impact driver is in between compact and large impact drivers, and most individuals will find it the perfect size.

Summing Up The Makita DTD155Z

This impact driver is perfect for those who fasten and unfasten screws more so than bolts, it has the perfect amount of power for screws, two adjustable pre-set speeds to help you control the output and assist mode for more control with full power.If you are looking for an impact driver that is good for nuts and bolts as well as screws, the Makita DTD171Z or DTD154Z are the ones to look at as they have more power.

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