Makita DTD171Z & DTD171 18v Impact Driver

Available With Battery (DTD171Z) or Body Only (DTD171)

Makita DTD171 Rating Out of 5
  • Max Torque
  • Impacts Per Minute
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM)
  • Durability
  • Product Features
  • Value For Money


  • Compact and powerful, 116mm in length, 180Nm of torque, 3,800 IPM and 3,600 RPM.
  • 4 pre-set adjustable speed settings (Max, Hard, Medium, Soft)
  • 4 Additional assist settings (Wood Mode, Bolt Mode, T-Mode 1, T-Mode 2)
  • Quick mode selection button above trigger
  • High quality brushless motor to ensure long tool life and max power at all times.
  • Variable speed trigger
  • One-touch sliding chuck for quick bit installation
  • Twin LED job lights with pre-glow and after-glow features

Without Battery (DTD171Z)

With Battery (DTD171)

Makita DTD171 Specs 
Max Torque180 Nm
Impacts Per Minute3,800
Max No Load Speed (RPM)3,600
Battery Type18v
Battery Quantity5.0 Ah
Charge Time45 min
Weight1.2kg Body Only

More Info About Makita DTD171Z

Makita is one of the most reputed power tools brands across the globe, Makita has always adhered to its commitment to provide quality tools through advanced and innovative designs. The Makita DTD171 brushless impact driver is an example of the brand’s focus on innovation whilst providing a high-quality power tool.

The Makita DTD171 features an ergonomic design, it is one of the smallest impact drivers currently available with and extremely small length of only 116mm. It has a fast switching function above the trigger that allows you to switch between any 2 modes quickly and easily from it’s 4 stage power selection. Any two modes can be programmed into the quick switch function.

The DTD171Z is compatible with Makita LXT 18v battery range, if you already have LXT batteries, you will only need the body which is the DTD171z. 

4-Stage Power Selection & Assist Mode

The Makita DTD171Z impact driver has an electronic 4-stage impact power selection that lets you control it to suit a variety of applications. The special modes change the impact ratios and speed to allow for various impact characteristics. You also get the assist mode, the driver offers four different assist mode variations.

Assist Modes:

  • Wood Applications – This mode will start off at low RPM to give you more precision at the beginning of driving the screw, once it requires the impact function, the RPM speeds up.
  • Bolt Mode – This mode helps stop run off. When unfastening bolts and nuts, the impact driver can detect when the bolt is loosened and stops.
  • T-Mode 1 – This mode is for fastening self-drilling screws into thin metal sheets. The impact driver will start off at full speed to help pierce the metal, once impacting is required the driver will stop.
  • T Mode 2 – This mode is for thicker metal sheets. It uses enough power to ensure the screw does not break or strip.

4-Stage Power Select Modes:


  • No Load Speed: 3,600 
  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,800 


  • No Load Speed: 3,200 
  • Impacts Per Minute: 3,600


  • No Load Speed: 2,100 
  • Impacts Per Minute: 2,600


  • No Load Speed: 1,100
  • Impacts Per Minute: 1,100

Maximum Torque Experience

The Makita DTD171Z brushless impact driver measures only 116mm and delivers a maximum torque of 180Nm and 3800 rpm, making it one of the top performers in the class. High torque means you can fasten and unfasten with very little effort. This also means the driver produces less heat build-up and it can be used for extended period without any overheating. The tool ensures reduced fatigue due to easy and smooth screwing feature.

Quick Shift Mode

Located above the trigger is button that allows you to control the quick swift modes. In the quick shift function, you can program any two of the 4-stage power selection modes that you find yourself using often during a job. 

To Sum Up the Makita DTD171Z

The Makita DTD171Z brushless impact driver delivers an amazing power and speed despite its compact size to offer you full range during a wide range of applications. It consists of a 4-stage impact power selection and two T-modes to suit a variety of task requirements. It delivers an impressive 180Nm of maximum fastening torque. The one-touch hex chuck facilitates quick bit installation and removal. It also features innovative XPT technology that offers moisture and dust resistance.

The Makita DTD171Z is a fast, heavy-duty, powerful impact driver that stands as one of the best impact driver from Makita. This driver suits a variety of users as it delivers a lot of power to do different jobs. It can be used at work in a professional environment or at home while being assured that it can handle all kinds of fastening without any glitch.

This 18v Makita impact driver is well-constructed to be able to handle specific user requirements. Its compact design makes it easy to use. The Makita DTD171z impact driver will surely impress professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts as it can tackle any job you throw at it.