Milwaukee Impact Drivers (18 & 12v)

Below you will find Milwaukee impact drivers that are currently available

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X M18 One Key Fuel Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 203 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,700
- Max No Load Speed: 3,000 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 5.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Weight: 1.7kg


This is an impact driver with 21st century technology. You sync this up with an app on your phone, then from your phone you can control the settings of the impact driver, even switch it off from your phone so no one else can use it. Some may say it’s too much hassle for this type of tool and want something they can pick up and use, not have to spend 5 min setting it up through an app on a phone.

You get four different speed settings.

- Mode 1 is for precision work
- Mode 2 helps prevent damage to fasteners and material
- Mode 3 delivers max performance for the toughest applications
- Mode 4 gives you precision performance via a controlled start speed up to 3,000 rpm

The sum up this impact driver: It has power and modern-day technology all in one package.

Milwaukee M18ONEID-502X

Milwaukee M18BLID-402C M18 Brushless Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 170 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,600
- Max No Load Speed: 2,800 rpm
- Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 4.0
- Voltage: 18v
- Charge Time: 80 min
- Weight: 1.7kg


The main feature of this impact driver is its compact size, it measures in at 99mm in high and 137mm in width. If you are looking for an 18v impact driver that can fit into tight spaces, then is an excellent choice. It has plenty of power and comes with a 4.0 Ah battery which should give you a long run time.

milwaukee m18blid-402c

Milwaukee M12BID-202C Sub Compact 12v Impact Driver With Battery

- Max Torque: 112 Nm
- Impacts per Minute: 3,300
- Max No Load Speed: 2,500 rpm
- Battery Type: Red lithium ion
- Battery Quantity Ah: 2
- Voltage: 12v
- Charge Time: 40 Min
- Weight: 1.1kg


This impact driver comes with a Red lithium ion battery which gives you up to 2x more run time, up to 20% more power, up to 2x more battery life and operates better down to -20C than other lithium-ion technology.

This impact driver is excellent for work that requires precision. It has a good amount of power and works very well in spaces that require you to be more delicate and precise.

Milwaukee M12BID-202C Sub Compact 12v Impact Driver